Answers are in the Questions

Why did the Ministry of Education authorise the closing of school when there was fair weather, but did the contrary for a rainstorm?

If this is how the main Education body in Grenada thinks, aren’t our children in unsafe hands?
Why doesn’t the Ministry of Education pay necessary attention to the children who are begging and selling while school is in process?

How much sense does a government senator has when he says it is a normal school day despite a potentially dangerous rain storm? Doesn’t this show how much he actually cares?

Why didn’t the former government fix the Capital Bank problem when they had the chance?

Why did this present government reimburse Capital Bank customers who had savings of $500 or less?

What about the customers who had $501?

Why do these politicians waste taxpayers’ monies travelling all over the world and then claim that they don’t have monies to pay pensions?

Why is it that when a government is elected they figure that they can squander the resources of the people and the country?

Is the prospect for oil a good one or will it create more future problems than we can handle? Will the Grenadian people ever really see true and lasting benefits?

Wouldn’t the exploration of oil do more damage to our island than good? Wouldn’t the politicians be first in line because of the money?

Why should the Grenadian people allow the politicians to think for them anymore?

Why did the former assistant Supervisor of Election really resign?

Why did someone of such integrity leave the Electoral Office? Would there be fair elections now that she is gone?

What has happened to the days when the Grenadian people showed their strength and stood up against injustices?

What has happened to the days when Trade Unions did a bit more to actually support its workers?

Why don’t the Grenadian workers demand that the unions render to them proper representation? What have these unions truly done for them in recent years?

Why is it that with every increase in salary, there is increase in taxes?

Isn’t it time for the Public Service Workers and the general public to once again rise up, stop work and demonstrate until their Constitutional Rights are fulfilled?

Isn’t it time for the politicians to be brought to justice for the misuse and abuse of the people’s money and resources?

Isn’t it time for the Grenadian people to use their Constitutional Rights and ask for the help of England to get the political and judicial system in order?

Isn’t it true that if anyone of these political parties form the next government it will finally plunge Grenada into a place of no return?

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