Response to Terry Marryshow on Venezuela

In Dr. Marryshow’s recent column, “Food for Thought, published in the June 16th Grenada Informer he attempts to deal with my response to his ill-informed article on the situation in Venezuela.

Unfortunately instead of dealing with each of the points I made, he peevishly complains that every time he writes about our revolution, Cuba or Venezuela, “someone always comes out of the woodwork to attack my integrity and impute all kinds of nefarious motives to my article.”

Oh poor Dr. Marryshow, how dare this person come out of the woodwork and attack you! But surely you did not expect to write a newspaper column, especially one devoted often to controversial topics, and escape without any challenges or criticism?

Actually, saying that this person came out of the woodwork is to liken him to some loathsome insect such as a bedbug or tick, which is pretty insulting really, considering that the person had not lowered himself to such abusive tactics in addressing you.

Having reduced me to an unpleasant insect. Marryshow then proceeds to evade dealing with the very valid points I brought up and launches into the usual diatribe about the history of US in the region.

Dr. Marryshow, you deny being a Marxist. Let me ask you, was Maurice Bishop a Marxist? If you deny that he was then clearly we need pay little heed to your own denial. If you are not a Marxist, how can you be so admiring of Cuba, a country where there are neither strikes nor general elections?

Do you support democracy, by which I mean the ability of the people to change the government if they wish? And how can you admire Cuba when as a doctor you would earn only US $40.00 a month there?

Instead of answering my points you tell us how hardworking you are and how you have served the Grenadian people for over 30 years. And have you not been handsomely paid for your work?

You take it as a personal attack when I allude to your accumulation of wealth but I was intending to show that it is not very honest to expect Cuban doctors to put up with US$40.00 a month if you would not be prepared to put up with it yourself.

How can you wish upon others what you yourself would not tolerate for a moment? Not that I see anything wrong with accumulating wealth and I don’t doubt that you have earned it. It is, after all, a free country.

Whilst it is true that the US has a history of intervention in the region, it hasn’t happened yet in the case of Venezuela, so let’s cross our bridges when we get to them. You write, “We must not allow ourselves to be fooled by false propaganda and by those among us who support the agenda of the oppressor rather than the oppressed.”

That is really rich! And who is the oppressor? Not the present Venezuelan government? Is it not they who are actually driving an armoured car into and over protesters, taking a leaf out of the book of recent Islamic terrorists in France and England and Germany?

There is ample footage of a government armoured car actually doing this. As to false propaganda who could supply this more than the Venezuelan government? Do you know what one member of that government is doing right now, the Prosecutor General, Luisa Ortega Diaz? She has been courageous enough to come out and take a stand against Maduro’s proposed changes to the constitution.

So this puts Maduro in a precarious position. His own Prosecutor General, hand-picked by himself, is now openly challenging him. What is he to do? Well he has just said that he is going to have her examined by two psychiatrists because she must be mentally ill!

And you can be sure that those two psychiatrists are going to say that she is mentally ill. And she will be shut away in a mental institution. This is an old trick of the dark days of the Soviet Union; if you want to shut someone up you put them in a mental hospital. No need even for a trial.

And here is an example of propaganda as false as any you could wish for. The woman is sane and courageous. No sign of psychosis in anything she has said or done.

Please don’t forget that my friend in Venezuela has invited you to stay with him for four months so that you can see for yourself the real Venezuela, not the one you saw for a few days as guest of the government.

What Venezuelans need is not so much food for the thought as food for the stomach.

Gregory Thomas

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