Well Dumb, Mr. Prime Minister

If this is the absolute best you can do, if this is the best you can say, if this is all you have to offer, then all I can say is well done Mr. Prime Minister.

I listened to a political rally on Sunday, and all I heard and saw was a true masturbation of egos, self gratification, and disrespect to the Grenadian people.

It is clear now that the many speculations of internal turmoil inside the Government may very well be much more than speculations.

More and more I am convinced that the rule of dictatorship is coming to an end. I am totally convinced that we have been subjected to a more sophisticated style of revolutionary rule by the NNP.

White color dictatorship, white color pilferage, white color crimes continue to take place in plain sight, and we the hardworking people of this country have to pay the price.

I have some questions that I will like honest answers for…

(1) Is it in good taste to have the husband of a sitting Government Minister, senior Party Official, with close friends in the football and other sporting disciplines, the husband of that person heading up the most important intelligence arms (the Financial Intelligence Unit) F.I.U?

(2). Is it okay, or normal, or right, for a sitting Government Senator to be the host of a political Radio Program, a NNP Radio program? How was he paid? Was he paid by the Party? Do we have any proof to show that he was not receiving two salaries while employed by the state?

(3). Is it right for the Prime Minister of any country to refer to male candidates as females, degrade their personality, and make fun of their sexual persuasions? Is it right for anyone to do this, let along the Prime Minister of a country?

(4). What do we really have to gain, what are the long term economic benefits for this IMF Glorified Program?

(5). What realistic plans do you really have for the future, Mr. Prime Minister or is it because you know you may not be alive to face the hardship we are destined for under your style of governance?

(6). Oh and, at what point do you see yourself walking away from the chair on the 6th floor? Because we are seeing some major signs of insanity, in your decisions, tactics, and what used to be logical thinking is now, NO MORE, so when are you making way, or do you plan to die in the chair? Is this part of your so-called legacy?

I am a young person, with ideas, plans, aspirations, and dreams. So forget the tablet promises, I already invested in tablets for headache, cold, flu, and sinus.

Forget the jobs x 3 ole talk, because we all know it takes two or three major hotels being built to create jobs, and I am not sure if we have enough “Steel” for that.

I am not totally sure if there is any true light at the end of this tunnel, but I am sure that I will not live in total darkness, I have had enough of that.

And one last thing, and please the truth, do you believe people are still willing to vote for a tight jersey (on you) and a one foot chicken dance?

Well if this is the best you can do for us….well dumb Mr. Prime Minister.

The Razor Blade

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