The answers are in the questions

When politicians constantly malign each other, what example are they setting for the people, especially our young children? How can they be respected as leaders with dignity? Isn’t this the poorest example of leaders that can be found?

Why can’t these politicians instead use their energies to stimulate creative ideas to find solutions to the problems in the country? Are these people really intelligent?

Why is there a U.S. Embassy in Grenada, and Grenadians for years have had to support another country’s economy in order to try to obtain visas? Why hasn’t any government made representation on behalf of the Grenadian people?

Why have the Grenadian people been illegally restricted from traveling to Canada while the few who caused this to be so still travel to Canada freely?

Haven’t politicians for years just deceived the Grenadian people and give them an illusion that great things are happening?

If insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, is it sane to vote any of these political figures into government?

Since our so-called Independence, haven’t the political faces in Grenada practically remained the same?

Why is it that the most creative way for politicians to raise money is to increase and expand the tax net? Is this the furthest their brains can go?

Why so much preamble about a solution to the PENSION matter when there are simple ways to rectify it?

Why with ALL the great visions of the so-called brilliant minds in the political, judiciary and business sectors that the country is still in a worse off state in many ways?

Why haven’t the brilliant economists and accountants been able to steer a better financial course for Grenada? Are they really that brilliant or just have the illusion of brilliance?

If the regurgitating of other people’s theories is the benchmark for educational success, is it any surprise that the highly educated politicians, lawyers and economist can’t find practical solutions for our country?

Have you ever noticed how economists talk a lot but don’t say anything that really makes sense? Think about it, have they solved any of our financial problems with their brilliance?

Do you notice how the government refuses to care properly for the elderly and poor? Don’t these actions reflect cruelty and invite the destruction of a nation?

Why do you have a ten-year old child begging for money to buy food in the town of St. George’s on a school day? Where are the police – searching for seat belt offenders to ensure as many taxes as possible are collected?

Why do governments pass laws so easily that forces money from the hands of the hardworking and can’t with simplicity reinstate the pension for its people?

Where have ALL the taxes been disappearing ALL these years? How is it that with ALL these helpful taxes the country is still not in a better position?

Why is the legal system uninterested in actually trying to fix many of the recurring criminal activities? Isn’t it because there is money to be made?

Why is Grenada’s cost of living among the highest in the Caribbean?

Are these politicians mature enough to handle the affairs of our country or is it time to return to the mother country?

Wouldn’t there be better accountability, transparency and good governance under a return to British rule?

Wouldn’t our legal system be fairer to ALL under a return to British rule?

Why do these politicians constantly thrive on the destruction of the Grenadian people?

If no union, government or other entity is looking out for Grenadians, isn’t it time for the Grenadian people to look out for themselves?

Doesn’t it make sense to return to our parent country England, until we become mature politically to handle our own affairs?

Why the Governor General doesn’t step in, as the Monarch’s representative, and disband the government since they have violated the Constitution of Grenada and further disrespected Her Majesty’s Court?

Isn’t it time to clean the political house and re-establish proper legal representation in Grenada?

The Intruder

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