Does the term “Elohim” prove that God is a Trinity?

One definition for the term “Elohim” is, “a term used for God frequently in the Hebrew Bible.”

Elohim is considered plural. Hence, some believers in the Trinity (three persons making up one God) love to use that term, Elohim, to prove the Trinity, saying that since it is plural, it must refer to God existing in three persons, three being plural.

But we rightly ask: What is Elohim the plural for? Is it the plural for persons, or the plural for God? Elohim is the plural for God, NOT the plural for persons.

So using Elohim to prove the Trinity is saying that there are three GODS and not three persons, since Elohim is the plural for GOD. Therefore, it is really misleading to use Elohim to support the Trinity doctrine.

Trinity supporters should use a Hebrew or Greek term that means PERSONS (plural) to try to prove the Trinity, since they say it is three PERSONS that make up one God.

Of course, NO such Hebrew or Greek term exists in the Scriptures that refer to God. Elohim, being plural, of course, does not mean three Gods. Rather, reputable scholars recognise that it simply refers to God being majestic.

I do not believe in the Trinity but I respect others’ rights to believe in it if they so desire.

Brianna Patterson

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