Answering the call!!!

I will not profess to be the official mouthpiece for the people of Town, but, I am totally aware of my surroundings and what people are saying.

Town people are saying that the NDC has answered the call of the many young men and women who have been asking for something NEW.

Not something OLD, borrowed or BLUE….but something fresh, something better, something NEW.
So we have heard that Ms. Claudette Joseph is the Woman for Change.

I am sure that Claudette will bring a breath of fresh air to the political atmosphere. She has already shown her ability to meet and speak with people, and most importantly she was honest in her conversation with us, and not trying to sell the “Pie in the sky”.

I can already see her winning the seat, however I think there is much work to be done by the Party she represents.

I can also see her playing a significant role in the leadership and governance of the Party and the country.

I can see her championing the call for the vulnerable, and the voiceless.

I can also see the reason why she will be a threat to those who are in the race with her, because she is a legitimate contender and has as good a chance as any other.

The truth is, until I saw and heard of Claudette Joseph I was sure I was not prepared to vote and now I have someone I can feel confident in casting a vote for.

The people in town have been yearning for something other than the rich, over-privileged, spoil child who continues to win off their “daddy’s popularity, or Daddy’s money”.

It is time we have someone who can identify with the struggles of the River Road people, Darbeau and Mt Rush people, Blogo Cottage people, the Carenage, Green Street and Cooper Hill people, the real under-privileged in the Town.

If this is the way the NDC will show up, if this is how they intend to deal, if this is a reflection of listening to the voice of the people, then I am now prepared to vote NDC.

I want to congratulate Ms. Claudette Joseph, wish her well, and say, from this Town Youth to you… have my vote.

Town Youth

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