CXC pressure and the school system

It’s popular among secondary schools to have children write 10 or more subjects at one time. There is great rejoicing when children pass all these with distinctions. But does anyone stop to observe what happens in the lives of some of these children who are exposed to such pressure?

Many become isolated as they sit at the computer for long hours. You could even see the tiredness in their eyes and the glare on their sad faces. They have no time to assist with household duties because they are either too busy or too tired. They may not even notice what’s around them because their minds are mostly in cyber space or in their books. Social interaction and even recreation are sometimes absent.

Stress always has a negative effect on our health, and while some stress is good, too much could be bad. The level of stress is increased when the School-based assessments are started too late.

A child doing three science subjects has as many as 60 SBA’s to complete plus at least one major project for each of the other subjects. How much is too much?

There is no reason why SBA’s could not be started as early as Form Three. Certain subjects could be written at Form Four to ease the pressure on the poor kids and allow them time to enjoy school days. Watch the sadness on their faces and you will know what I mean. Subjects like Social Studies, English, Integrated Science and others could be done long before Form Five.

I am calling on the Ministry of Education to look into the matter for the future.

Concerned Parent

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