Answers are in the Questions

Why weren’t the Grenadian people allowed to vote for Independence?

Why did the Gairy government believe that because they were voted into office, the people agreed with ALL of their ideas? Was that particular election rigged?

Why was the Gairy government so insistent on independence, even to the point of denying the Grenadian people the right to vote for such?

Why did the New Jewel Movement state that they had 19,000 votes (46% of eligible voters) opposing Independence?

Why did Herbert Blaize agree to possible Independence ONLY upon a vote from the Grenadian people?

Why were the groups that opposed Independence victimised and suppressed by the Gairy regime?

Why was Britain concerned about unrest post-independence? Was there unrest after the Independence?

Why did England insist that the Constitution be followed? Why did England grant Independence on the basis that the Constitution be followed?

Why was England concerned about the possibility of victimisation of the people? Why was England concerned that the Constitutional rights of the people may not be upheld?

Has the Constitution been upheld by the various governments? Wasn’t the Constitution given in part to protect minorities, public service workers and others?

Were the Constitutional rights of the Grenadian people being violated? Have the governments been acting illegally and unlawfully?

Isn’t the violation of the Constitution one of the greatest violations of the law of any land? Shouldn’t the governments be reprimanded for such violations?

Why haven’t the governments been legally confined for breaking/violating the foundational laws of the land?

Why have the governments been allowed to defy a court ruling on the Constitution regarding pensions?

Wouldn’t the average man on the street be in jail before he even had the opportunity to defy a court ruling?

Why hasn’t the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) brought the governments to justice for withholding the workers’ monies?

Is the FIU only interested in the person who they deem insignificant enough to be brought down? Is the justice system fair to all?

Why haven’t the religious entities for years refuse to decry the violation of the poor and hard working? Is it because of possible selfish gain?

Since our so-called Independence, have we genuinely progressed as a people and country?

Are concrete structures, new cars and formal education valid indicators of progression?Are more personal and national debts the signs of progression?

Are Public Service workers enjoying their pension benefits? Why did the government in 1990 reinstate pensions only for Government ministers?

Why do government ministers need to serve only two terms to be recipients of pension?

Why is it that persons who have laboured for 20 and 30 years in the Public Service not compensated and given the same benefits under the Constitution?

Why are financial improprieties punishable for the common thief but not for the governments that have withheld workers’ pensions? Is this fair and lawful

Why haven’t the UNIONS and other bodies properly represent their workers and the people of Grenada?

Why have the UNIONS constantly used their workers as knobs in a game of Chess? Doesn’t it seem that the UNIONS are contented to see the workers settle for the crumbs that fall from the Masters’ table?

Why haven’t workers been able to stand up for their own rights outside of the UNIONS domain?

Since the Constitution has been violated, isn’t it constitutional for the PEOPLE to appeal to the GIVER of the Constitution?

Doesn’t the West Indies Act of 1967 explicitly state in Section 13 (1a) and 2 that Her Majesty (The Queen of England) can intervene and so act as to uphold and reinstate the Constitution if it has been altered?

Have the governments of Grenada disrespected the Monarch of England, the GIVER of the Constitution?

Shouldn’t the next General Election be one where the Grenadian people are finally respected and given the RIGHT to vote and genuinely choose British rule or local rule?

Is it better to be the servant of a MASTER who feeds you, or the brother of a HOUSE SLAVE who oppresses and starves you?

Does any political entity have the courage, decency and respect to give this choice to the Grenadian people?

Is there any scrupulous individual, group, union or religious body willing to rise and make this choice a reality?

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