Too copy cat

The NNP, NDC and the other political parties are too copycat and follow fashion. Everything big countries, the world bodies and the international community say have to be done they swallowing hook line and sinker. They seem not to stop and think if they fit our customs, traditions, culture and Christian values etc. They jumping on board with it.

So, the world community says we should legalise gay marriage and homosexuality and the ruling power try to slip it into the recent referendum to become part of the then to be reformed constitution. They say we must abolish the death penalty and lawyer like to say it’s off the books.

People are being murdered in all kinds of horrendous ways and we try rehabilitate their murderers with our tax dollars. Soon to see them walking the streets again free at last. They say mark our people giving them an ID card whereby they could be identified all over the world, doing business like buying and selling. They are giving the people the mark of the beast with the multipurpose identification (M.P.I.D.) electronic computer worldwide data base system, Revelation Chap. 13, 16-18.

That’s the system you receive your voters ID card from and soon to come National Health Insurance (N.H.I) I.D. card.

You are fingerprinted and a passport size picture of your face taken, the mark in your hand and forehead. I wrote an article published in the Informer Newspaper on June 17th 2016 entitled “Done get Shock”!

It seems like that article and title was prophetic. It was about the issue that was, and is still today unfolding between Grenlec and this NNP government. In short what I thought then was that Grenlec was being disrespected by this government and should be treated better. Disrespect seems to be a character flow of the NNP. I thought back then and considered Grenlec as a great friend of Grenada.

Another approach could have been taken towards Grenlec in regards to the liberalising of the energy sector. I thought of considering Grenlec excellences in service from its inception until now, no long black outs as compare to when two seasoned now NNP generals had control and influence over electricity generation before Grenlec.

I thought of still allowing Grenlec to control the monopoly of the liberalised sector with some concession being made to us on their part. That could have been in their rates. No, this NNP government is so gullible and copycat, monkey see monkey do, and follow fashion. Buy into the liberalisation of the sector being pushed worldwide today at the peril of Grenada. Really? Or at the peril of the government and the Grenadian people.

I wonder if there was and is some smartalic billionaire investor to finance the repurchase of Grenlec. What is amazing to me and made that prophetic article and title come through is the response you are hearing from government in response to Grenlec’s latest action.

One of the interesting words I heard is the word “surprise”, doctors, lawyer and university graduates etc. makes up this government, and they are surprised by Grenlec action.

I am so angry by the words and explanation I am hearing coming out from government that I ran out of words. All I could say is like they are being electrocuted and getting shock! Their disposition now looks like a man getting shock, beating up bad, real bad as the prophecy is coming to past.

The coming to past of that prophetic title and article “Don’t Get Shock” is for the Grenadian people to heed what I am saying and writing. I want to warn and beg the Grenadian people to take heed about the prophecy about the mark of the beast that I have been preaching, writing and now called, and raised up by Almighty God about taking political office here in Grenada.

I have no doubt, taking office or not, that this one is going to come to pass as written, upon the world, and is in Grenada today. However, Grenada is especially blessed to have a person, one who God has raised up with the message and assignment to lead Grenada out of the Mark of the Beast era.

God has given clear and precise direction on what to do. The ultimate mission of G.C.P.P is to prepare the Grenadian people to meet their creator. Grenada has been specially favoured by Almighty God to be saved as a whole nation.

It’s left up to the Grenadian people to decide what they are going to do with G.C.P.P’s message and assignment. Whether they accept G.C.P.P or reject G.C.P.P. Accepts G.C.P.P by becoming candidate members and supporters to win all 15 seats in the upcoming election. Reject G.C.P.P by not becoming a part.

G.C.P.P has one last option for the Grenadian people to employ if not form. G.C.P.P calls for a total boycott of the upcoming general election by not going and vote in your tens of thousands. Send a message to those in charge that the voters ID card and soon to come National Health Insurance card are the mark of the Beast and you want it end and destroyed in our country.

Let this election be the election with the lowest voter turn out ever and the most spoiedl votes in the history of Grenadais parliamentary election.

G.C.P.P says the mark of the beast is here and need addressing. This election will be a decision and vote on the mark of the beast by the Grenadian people. Join G.C.P.P the only party that understands the times and know what to do.

G.C.P.P is for all Grenadians. All supporters of all the other political parties will be affected by the mark of the beast. Let’s all come together and fight this beast.

Read the service area of the classified section of this newspaper to contact me.

Derick Sealey
Grenada Christian Political Party

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