No money for NNP!!!

I am making a public declaration to all the people of Grenada that the last four years have resulted in me changing my affiliation with the Prime Minister and the New National Party (NNP) which got my support over the years.

Herbert Blaize was not my kind of person although the NNP got my vote in 1984.

As a conscious Grenadian, no way would Eric Gairy and GULP could have gotten the votes of not only me but my entire family.

Gairy did good things for the country but also a number of nasty things.

We jumped for joy with Bishop and the NJM overthrew the bastard and forced him to live in exile in the United States.

The Revo did worse than Gairy and GULP by locking up almost each and every Grenadian who did not support their communist ideology.

But Dr. Keith resonated a chord in my body with his style of leadership and even Black Wizard recognised that in his calypso, “Tell Stone”.

He became the man to go to in order to get things done and the man did deliver even though we now have a big national debt.

However, what astonished me is when the man was interviewed after filing his declaration with the Integrity Commission and declared that he was worth $19 million in assets. Ah couldn’t believe it.

I called a close colleague who was also a strong supporter and asked him if what I heard on the radio station was true about Dr. Mitchell and the $19 million in assets.

When he confirmed the figure to me, all I told him is that the Prime Minister had me fooled all these years.

I remember a previous election- it could have been 1990 when Dr. Mitchell and NNP were said to be financially broke and one of the candidates sold land in St. David’s to get money for the campaign.

I just can’t believe that our Prime Minister has so much money and is filthy rich and parading as a poor man and putting out the hat for everybody to contribute to the campaign.

I am now believing what was being said about this man over the years that he does not spend his own money in politics but take from others for the political campaign.

The late Hadeed told me that he used to give money to NNP and NDC but he liked Dr. Mitchell more and used to give him more money for elections than George Brizan.

A man worth $19 million in assets should have told Mr. Hadeed thanks but I don’t need your money because I have enough.

Can anybody tell me why I should give NNP any more money for the campaign when the leader has $19 million in assets.

It will take a lot to convince me since I have made up my mind almost 100% to leave my money in the bank and allow the man to use from his $19 million assets to fund the campaign.

By the way I need someone in NNP to tell me who really owns the house in St. Mark’s that is so very topical in the news these days.

I am not going to repeat the name being associated with the house since I don’t want the man to sue the newspaper.

The man has died in St. Mark’s and his wife was said  by many to be thrown out of the house.

How can we treat our female citizens in their old age that way? Where is the heart of some people even if the motto of the party is THE HOUSE and not the NDC Heart?

I have never voted for NDC in all my life but the last four years have opened my eyes.

Anything can happen with my vote in 2017 or 2018 whenever the man announces the date for the next general election.

I also hope he knows that I am not the only disappointed NNP’ite but many others too and it is either we stay away from the poll or go out and give the vote to NDC.

Disappointed NNP’ite

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