Nikky – the stranger in south

Can somebody give me a good reason why we in the South should vote for Nikky Steele as our MP in the next general election?

Who is this Nikky Steele? Did the NNP supporters in the south tell the folks who meet at Mt. Helicon that we don’t want Alex and please give us someone else?

The boys on the block are prepared to continue supporting Alex as our MP even if the big man is talking on both sides of the mouth.

It is true that our female MP was not able to deliver on all the things that she promised in the 2013 campaign.

The same can be said of the MPs in most constituencies around the country.

Alexis was working for only one salary when she was in the government unlike others who were getting much more than her.

I read on the newspaper that the MP in Nazim’s constituency was getting paid at SGU and also another $6000 to $7000 every month from government.

This MP was extremely lucky since others like Pablo in St. Patrick was only getting one salary.

But coming back to the Steele boy, the NNP is not serious with him in the South.

It looks like the people in the Town have rejected him and the big boys in Mt. Helicon decide to throw him in the south.

Why the Doc don’t leave Nikky in Town and send Peter in the south to come and fight for the seat.

The boys on the block not stupid at all. Peter is getting town because of some arrangement between he and the big man in 2013 to throw down Uncle Tilly.

Peter has now been exposed for who and what he is and his continued association with NNP will hurt the party in the upcoming election.

If Peter is so big and bad why he didn’t come down in the South to run and win the seat for NNP?

He has left Nikky to be crucified by Ray Roberts who we understand is running for NDC.

The boys on the block know that Alex is the best person to stand up to Ray. Not Nikky, not Peter.

Nikky has no connection on the ground in the south except the fact that his father and mother are well known in the local Catholic community especially in Grand Anse.

I saw him the other night going around a few shops in the south with the MAIN NNP PROPAGANDA MAN.

Nikky looked so uncomfortable. I had a good laugh when I saw him because it reminded me of something ah brother in River Road told me about him.

He said that one day he flagged down the town MP and when the man stopped the first thing that came out of his mouth was word to the effect that “ah don’t have any money”.

Even if that is not true, many of the boys on the block don’t trust him. They feel that he trying to come around just to get a vote from them to be back in Parliament.

The boys don’t feel the same way about Alex because although we cannot go into Lance Expines to see her, she is still seen in the south.

Nikky won’t get our votes in the south once the NDC put up Brother Ray Roberts as their candidate.

Ray is well known in the south, he is a south man, he is grounded in the south and has always been in the south and not considered as a Rolling Stone.

The Steele boy is a rolling stone – NNP put him in town in 2013 and without any consultation with the people in the south want to parachute him into the south.

That isn’t going to work with us.

The Southerner

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