No to ganja!!!

Today I am going to respond to a suggestion made by one of our renowned attorneys-at-law.  He is someone who many people look up to as an outstanding citizen of our dear land and I am always willing to hear good things coming from his mouth, things that are uplifting and benefitting to the nation especially our youth.

It was surprising to hear someone in such office whom many have such great respect for saying that marijuana should be legalised now.

He spoke of the benefits that could be realised from the sale and export of same.

I am saying that marijuana can do a great deal of damage to the minds of many young people and some are yet to recover from its addiction.

Marijuana is presently an illegal drug and tell me – what will happen when or if it becomes a legal substance?

We cannot follow Canada and the U.S.A because they have the resources to build institutions to house their citizens if needs be.

That legal mind should be advising the government to revisit the sugar cane industry, also the banana industry because in so doing, these industries can provide employment for thousands of Grenadians in those sectors.

Places such as COCODE Mountain are the best places for growing sugar cane and bananas.

There is a need to improve the agricultural sector even the thought of growing marijuana in COCODE mountain is harmful.

What is important is using one’s knowledge to assist in improving the standard of living of the people of this country.

Advise those politicians when they travel over seas, they should not only bring back words, but something tangible so that the nation can benefit, such as factories and other areas where people can be employed.

When people are employed there is more spending, the shops sell more, the wholesalers sell more to the shops, the importers  will bring in more foods, the Customs gets more revenue, the dollars circulate, more people travel on the buses, and the stores will sell more.  What we need is spending power.

I will return to the marijuana issue – the use of marijuana destroys the brain cells of the users.

If marijuana was legalised in the days when the legal chap  and others attended the secondary school on the hill in Tanteen above the Public Works, they would not have been where they are today.

Let the young people know there is always room at the top and they should abstain from any substance that will jeopardise their future.

No senior citizen should encourage the cultivation of marijuana in Grenada.

The Peasant

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