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I will make no new remarks but stand firm to my writings of August 29, 2009.

It’s 2017 and yet our so-called leaders fail to push a button, instead is more aggression despite what has been said and what is taking place on the concerns about the decriminalization of cannabis internationally.

Our leaders ‘home based’ are still playing naive about the issue.

Well let me tell them that no one man can stop it, as the decriminalisation of ganja/cannabis is long overdue here in Grenada.

The cultivation of cannabis for spiritual, economical and social reasons is of pivotal importance.

I therefore once again urge the sitting administration and opposition to seriously consider the poor and vulnerable.

People are awaiting your declaration on the issue as there are no benefits to them from most Government programmes and they are not sustainable.

A change in that direction is what is needed to boost our Agriculture industry but the current PM says, not over his dead body. Well, we won’t let you dead.

A former PM used to say, “grow what you eat”. If this is true then the law against cannabis must be removed now.

It is time we start doing what we say and stop the taking away of people’s rights as the people have been neglected for much too long.

The Agriculture sector is stagnated and suffering badly because of unfair deal with farmers and that breeds low productivity, bad marketing, lack of interest, lack of skills, no incentives.

It’s time we detour from policies that enslave and bring no benefits to us. A leader must know the history of the people he wants to lead or else it’s chaos.

In Grenada, cannabis is widely used by all strata of the society – Government ministers, schoolteachers, doctors, as well as the police – the same people given the responsibility to uphold the law and lock up people for cannabis.

The lawmen also smoke it and sell it too – there is no justice when people are being lock up, lose their cannabis, their monies, personal belongings by the same police officer who is a weed smoker.

I know of cases where a charge is laid upon an individual and on the day of court, there is no cannabis, money to put on exhibit in the case.

All these happen and remember the police take your personal properties away on the day of arrest.

Even before the case gets thrown out some people already judge you as the worst criminal.

Most Governments set the stage for violence and claim they are fighting crime and drugs when they are the biggest in the crime field.

We are aware of what goes on behind the curtains, we know your mission is to keep the people at base but that too is outdated.

Your strategies are of no value, as the people will decide which road they will go. We shall not continue in this deplorable manner.

The message to the leaders of the region is that people have decided to live a comfortable and normal life.  And you the so-called leaders who are trained to be house slaves are hijacking the way forward.

Leave us to live our life and tell your masters we the people are saying no to enslavement.

Do you know that cannabis products are sold here in Grenada?

This is the time to do the sensible thing – within the next few months pass the act for decriminalising the herb.

We definitely need to create the base for cultivating and manufacturing of cannabis products as they are most wanted in our daily affairs.

The Minister of Agriculture should be and must be concerned about this fabulous plant. It’s for the healing of the nation.

Let us move with pace and get ready to implement the law for cultivating of the plant, as hemp cannabis is essential on all fronts.

People, get ready for the realization of our dream. There is no other economic booster for us than the Ganja.

Cannabis is the fastest and most sustainable industry as history has proven.

This is why I wrote in 2009 that the law against it should be removed.  It is already removed in some places.

Watch the profits they are making. What are we waiting for?

It is time to get on board, as the cannabis market is international.

Don’t keep it for yourself – we are visionaries not dreamers.

Vote for cannabis NOT K Bongo chioke

The Lone Ranger

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