P.W.U, please calm down

I have a message to P.W.U from the Grenada Christian Political Party.

We ask them to stop raising your pressure and working up yourselves over your rightly deserving pension awarded you according to law.

Save your energies for this one. There is a greater more deadly and important issue facing Grenada today than the pension issue. That is the issue of the Mark of the Beast and E Government being issued and established right here in Grenada today by this NNP Government.

The Mark of the Beast is the process of registering the people into the multipurpose identification (M.P.I.D) computer electronic data base system that is connected worldwide. It’s the one card identification system, where you are marked in your hand and forehead.

The taking of your fingerprint and passport size picture of your face are the mark in your hand and forehead. We see they are even micro chipping people today. When fully implemented that ID card will be your money, you will not be able to buy or sell without it.

Brother Kenny James, you are supposed to be a born again Christian, not so? You are supposed to be bright and intelligent. I believe you must have heard and know about the Mark of the Beast. I believe you are into computers; smart phones etc. the technology today.

I believe in your heart of hearts with the trend of mass registration of earth’s people into this electronic computer database, should raise some red flags in your Christian heart and mind. That should tell you that the Mark of the Beast is upon the world and right here in Grenada. Therefore, in the mark of the beast era you should realise that it’s really not time to be making noise about making money and having more money, that being also one’s pension.

Regardless of how just and righteous it is for one to have it, instead it’s time to decrease and get out of that system. To be able to receive one’s pension in the Mark of the Beast era, is to take the Mark of the Beast to function in that era. That’s the era that is upon Grenada today.

It was introduced by the NDC Government of 2008-2013, and continues to be pushed full speed ahead by this NNP government today. It is said over 74,000 persons are now registered in the M.P.I.D. Mark of the beast system, out of a population of 105,000.

G.C.P.P will end that if it forms the government once it wins the next election. The People of Grenada are hurting already, don’t let them hurt further by your threatened industrial actions that you are possible proposing to take for a less glorious cause.

Leave the possible hurting for the most glorious cause that of resisting the mark of the beast and ending it from Grenada.

G.C.P.P is being raised up to do that. G.C.P.P believes that the people who are responsible for the high debt and millions of dollars that should have been invested hear in Grenada and disappear, those people must be accountable and held responsible.

Where is the international bodies like the UN, IMF and International Criminal Court so they can  help Grenada, by finding those persons who are responsible for those millions missing and causing them to pay. Those people were put in charge of the national purse by the people and drop the ball, therefore are responsible.

All these big losses, bad spending and big salaries are what is responsible for the situation your people find themselves in today.

G.C.P.P therefore ask of PWU and its sympathisers, the other unions etc. to calm down. Examine the times we are livinging. National Health Insurance is soon to be introduced here in Grenada. You have to be registered all over again and given an ID card. That one is the Mark of the Beast made compulsory by law.

All Grenadians from early as two months old and upwards by law must get registered. Just as it’s written in Rev. chpt. 13 verse 16, “he causth all to receive a mark”.

The Mark of the Beast will soon have legal teeth behind it. When it bites some people will get killed, and mostly all who receive it and support it will feel the wrath and plagues of almighty God – Revelation Chpt. 16. They will also end up in the lake of fire. Rev. 14; 9-11.

G.C.P.P says, study these things and be in repentance mode Grenada as a nation before Almighty God. The Mark of the Beast is the most important issue today not pension etc. Let’s repent as a nation.

Brother James, I think you will make a good candidate for G.C.P.P to contest this upcoming election – please consider it and come on board.

Read the service area of the classified section of this newspaper to contact me.

Derick Sealey
Grenada Christian Political Party

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