The quality of being just, righteousness, equitableness, rightfulness or lawfulness.  Just on ground of reason.

After reading such definition, I feel hurt and betrayed by the country I love. March was one of the hardest months of my life, upon finding out that my daughter had been raped.  I went to depths and length in search of Justice.  I brought her to the police station to make a report and even there was made to feel wrong for doing so.

I had sought help from higher authority in the person of the officers on the port.  I took my daughter to see a medical doctor as advised by the officers as a case was being built.

The Child Protection agent was also brought in to give my daughter the counseling she so badly needed.  During this ordeal I was told by the accused that his friends told him to train up my child as to suggest he was her father.

The system in the country has failed my child has the accused was freed – a not guilty verdict on all counts.

After this experience, I pray my child would have a normal life and that this happens to no one else.

As mothers and fathers let us all stand up for our children and believe them when they say they have been abused.

One of my wishes is for the authority to have a support group for children and adults who have been abused. We all do need support.

God almighty will bring justice in the matter. As children, please speak out if you have been abused.  As the Lord said, vengeance is mine I will repay.

Roslyn Noel

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