Lessons for road accidents!!!

There has been another accident and tragedy on Calivigny Main Road.

While we are saddened and grieved, there are many lessons to be learned and quickly from what has been happening there.

Something has to be done now to make the road more safe given the number of serious accidents/ deaths in recent years. Just a glimpse at the road accident statistics would confirm that the Calivigny main road, and in particular the stretch of road between The Gospel Hall and the small bridge at the junction with Confer Road, before Fort Jeudy, is the most dangerous stretch of road in Grenada in terms of the frequency of very serious road accidents.

The road is wide. Drivers speeding down from Westerhall way continue to fly as they come around the blind corner by the bridge, anticipating that very wide stretch of road. The same thing happens with drivers coming from the St George’s direction – a blind corner, then the wide stretch that is used as a three lane highway, where no one gives way, only overtakes.

Anyone attempting to turn off into the little Estate road is running the risk of death as drivers ignore your hand, indicator and positioning signals to overtake and pedestrians on the grass also have cause to be fearful.

We seriously need to improve the response times and procedures of the ‘First Responders’/ emergency services so that a serious road accident casualty is treated as a hospital emergency and we never have a repeat situation where an accident victim lies in the road for hours, while the police focus on securing ‘a crime scene’ and the ambulance service is yet to arrive, and the world is watching on the internet!

We need to learn to respect the privacy and feelings of others in situations such as these and not be taking photographs and live streaming to the internet on a personal tragedy as that which occurred. It may be hard to resist when we have the technology and we are keen to behave as they do in the bigger, wider world, but we are little Grenada, almost one big, wide family in close proximity.

Concerned citizen,
S. Joseph

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