The Things Mine Eyes Have Seen

I have seen a lot in this Spice Isle since my starry-eyed years of political awareness as a teenager. I saw the Mongoose Gang in action and I saw the overthrow of Eric Gairy. In those days, my political eyes were not well-formed. The brutal excesses of the Revolution I saw up until the criminalisation of power in October 1983.

I thought my eyes could not bear anymore. Then I began seeing millions and millions of dollars spent on General Elections campaigns, commencing 1999, and I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. When I saw two Structural Adjustment Programs in quick succession I thought it was time to auction one of my eyes! But when I heard Minister Joseph say, “And now the project here would continue”, I thought that Grenada has finally lost its soul and its honour, and it was time to pluck out my eyes! A few ‘revolutionary’ and ‘honourable’ sons in politics have destroyed the soul of the Nation.

Charles Liu, a person charged in a civil fraud law suit, was supposed to have paid up money to dispose of his case. Any thinking Grenadian would realise that Liu was not about to pay up because he was innocent of the charges. In fact, if he was innocent he would contest the matter all the way so as to clear his good name, the main asset for his money-gathering adventures. He is simply trying to escape conviction.

Being now and forever personally attached to the stigma of the fraudulent use of money belonging to another or others, Liu can no longer sustain a reputation of trust and confidence. These two are basic qualities needed by one wishing to trade in the marketplace as an agent or promoter of development projects whether in the US or in Grenada. So the likelihood of Liu attracting investment funds for Mt Hartman is virtually remote unless, of course, his potential sources of supply are themselves fraudulent or otherwise criminally-adjusted.

But Minister Oliver Joseph, M.P is all smiles! ‘Big things go happen’! Remember also that another Minister had told the public that new promoters of the project had been found. So there might well be some degree of official confusion here. Come to think of it, Minister Joseph could not have researched the matter himself. Had he done so diligently, he would not have asserted that Liu had paid up and achieved a settlement when Official correspondence obtained by Vincent Roberts confirms that the matter has not reached closure. Therefore, what Joseph, M.P, said on a recent ‘Watch Dog’ program must have been introduced to him at Cabinet or by a certain Cabinet colleague.

I am firm in this view because since his statement above, his senior at Cabinet has not caused that statement to be corrected in any respect. Neither Titus nor Ms Alexander nor Hamlet has come forward to-date to ‘blind the eye’ or to ‘massage the ear’. So we are left with what was said by Minister Joseph as the Official Government position on the Charles Liu matter. In that event, the Government’s willingness to have Liu carry Grenada’s name abroad is just self-pleasing, but unpardonable and unpatriotic.

That being the sorry state of affairs, the Government must tell the Nation whether Charles Liu is innocent of the charges. Secondly, they must tell us whether the settlement of a case, any case, means that the accused is not guilty. Thirdly, certify to the public that Liu’s reputation has not been compromised in any way.

Furthermore, does the Government have any concern for the good name of Grenada, internationally? And, finally, on what grounds does the Government satisfy itself that Liu is a fit and proper person to be diplomatic agent of Grenada?

These are the issues of substance and significance arising from Minister Joseph’s statement. He may well have told a lie or two, but lying is a favoured ticket of politicians belonging to both the ‘Greenery’ and the ‘Bleached- face’. So sorry Victor, you missed the real sting, again, and there is no convincing moral narrative about lies to peddle.

Actually, their practise and purposes are familiar to all who pay attention to local politics. As he well knows, all have sinned, but very few confess! At least being on radio with George Grant last Sunday was a welcome treat to the eyes.

 William Joseph

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