Lord forgive him!!!

It is getting to me – the tendency of the President of the Senate, Chester Humphrey to use Parliament every time to go after the Labour Senator, Raymond Roberts who I am told was once his close Comrade and friend.

The President of one union told me that Comrade Chess and Rae-Rae used to see eye-to-eye on almost everything in the past when the former was supporting the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

As a matter of fact I am told that the former TAWU President and Rae Rae used to meet behind the scene and plot most of the positions taken by the TUC against the current Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell and the New National Party (NNP).

Most of the folks in the trade union felt that Comrade Chess and Rae Rae could not be separated and would be a pillar of strength in the TUC for a very long time.

However, things changed when the NDC expelled the Rebels like Chess, Peter David, Glynis Roberts, Joe Gilbert, Pastor Simon and Pastor Karl Hood and the others.

Comrade Chester went in overdrive mode and was seen as hell bent on destroying NDC and all those who supported the party.

That man is so angry and full of hate that the only time he would stop his antics is when God steps in and brings an end to his natural life like all of us will die at some point down the road.

I know Brother Chess will be angry with me for using the word God because he hates to hear the word due to his communist beliefs that the Father is a myth and does not exist.

What I want to do is remind Chess that Bro. Rae Roberts is a firm believer in God Almighty and can be seen every Sunday morning giving praise and worship to the Creator with us at the Roman Catholic Church in Calliste.

I want to invite Bro. Chess to come to one of our services in order to repent and turn to God in order to remove from his mind once and for all his misconception about the existence of the Creator.

Bro. Chess, as a Catholic we do believe in confession of one’s sins out of the belief and conviction that God will forgive us of our transgressions.

I am sure that the Comrade is fully aware that all of us are sinners and do often come short of the glory of God.

In other words Comrade Chess, I am inviting you to understand that me and you are sinners in the sight of God and you should start changing your ways.

Why this constant attack on Bro. Rae-Rae? Comrade Chess – you are a sinner just like Bro. Roberts.

If you are a sinner like him then there is no need to cast stones because the God Lord reminds us that let who has not sin be the first one to cast stone. Bro. Chess none of us on earth will be in a position to cast the first stone because we are all sinners.

Comrade, from time to time I go on my knees and pray and ask God for forgiveness and make my confessions to the Creator as a follower of the Catholic faith.

Bro. Chess, I invite you to do the same and ask God’s forgiveness for the guns and ammunition that were brought into Grenada in the 1970’s to aid and assist the NJM in the illegal overthrow of an elected government.

Bro. Chess, if you you pray sincerely and faithfully the Good Lord would change the hearts of those in the United States who are still today looking for you as a fugitive after running away from the country and not standing up as a man and facing those charges of shipping guns illegally into Grenada.

I know that Bro. Chess does not like to hear about God so I will go privately to Fr. Harris to ask him to say a prayer for the Senate President and ask God to really forgive him because he is a lost sheep and need a sense of direction.

But Bro. Chess should understand that he also should go down on his knees and pray too and not only depend on us who are Christians.

Lord, please forgive him because he does not know what he is doing to Bro. Rae-Rae who is a blessed child of God Almighty. Who God bless no one can triumph over him.


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