Grenada need explanations

I am calling on brother Stanford Simon of the St.George’s Baptist Church to explain to the nation from the scriptures standpoint what happened during the swearing in ceremony of the NDC in 2008 during the rain thunder and lightening that sealed his prayer concerning the nation.

A careful explanation is required on what was responsible for breaking the Heavenly Father’s seal for Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique to be developed by 110 thousand of us through the National Democratic Congress?  Did you drop the ball?  Were you spiritually aware of what transpired?  This request would be handed to you and published by myself and await a public explanation.  Tell the nation the significance of the Heavenly doing these things.

A man being the Prime Minister of Grenada for many years had assistance from ministers, permanent secretaries, advisers, board directors and department managers among other outstanding persons, to conduct the nations business described growth repeatedly but about the age of 60 and onward complained not being able to find a successor.

Is it that no one achieved imitating the standard delusive and suppressive emulative spirit worthy to carry his mantel forward?  Why look outside for a unique spirit that is the Creator’s rejection?  What is responsible for these things?

The people of Grenada would be held responsible would they accept what the Heavenly Father rejects.  The manner in which the Heavenly Father rejects persons with certain spirits would be explained and published in THE NEW TODAY and Informer Newspapers in a timely manner.

Do you believe us the Grenadian people are a Christian nation?

Have you ever read of a man who called the Creator’s name the Heavenly Father, and “told lies on the Heavenly Father?”

If the Creator speaks to a nation through a messenger who spoke the truth and that nation rejected the massage what do you think is likely to happen?

Grenadian believers and the world at large are about to face one of their greatest challenge as believers to believe before witnessing one of the greatest miracles in these last days conducted by Our Heavenly Father through His Son, you have always wanted to see a sign to believe.

It would be seen anyone if a lie is uttered when the Heavenly Father is brought into our presence to reveal the truth.


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