GCPP requests support of Pastors, Bishops & Priests

To:  Pastors, Bishops and Priests
Of all Christian Churches
Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique

Dear brothers and sister in Christ, grace and peace.

I greet you in the wonderful name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I am requesting yours and your congregation full support in the upcoming general election soon to be called here in Grenada.

I am also requesting your full support in other actions and activities, the Grenada Christian Political Party (G.C.P.P) will take this election year. G.C.P.P is your true political party. Brothers and Sisters by now you should be fully aware of the time we are living in. It’s clear to see this is the last moment of man’s reign and dominion of planet earth. The time now, truthfully and honestly if the truth be told. It is the time for mankind to prepare to meet their creator. Almighty God the Lord Jesus Christ and nothing else.

The Prophesies about the end of mankind era are all being fulfilled right now as you read this letter. Prophecies like the return of Sodom, we have that in the world wide legalization and acceptance of gay marriages and the homosexual lifestyle. We have wars and rumors of wars, famines, pestilences, earthquakes and last but not least the mark of the beast. I call it the new last and deadly sin. It’s written about in Revelations ch.pt. 13 and onward in the Holy Bible, read and refresh your memory. Presently they are marking people here in Grenada with the multipurpose identification system M.P.I.D. You are finger printed and a passport size picture of your face taken to be placed on you new I.D. card. Watch out for and beware of the new I.D. card for national health insurance.

That one is being made compulsory by law to have.

All your information is stored in an electronic database that is connected worldwide the M.P.I.D. Only you the government and who they want could access it, also possible hackers. It’s a one card system you cannot buy and sell without it, just as it’s written. The N.N.P government says that they will soon be introducing E-Government, where all ministries, schools etc. will be connected electronically. With broad brand from digicel. E-Government is the beast government.

Brothers and sisters, almighty God wants to save Grenada as a whole nation from the mark of the beast. That’s the reason why he is raising up G.C.P.P with this vision and commission to contest the next general election. This is the church last and greatest hour to impact and rescue Grenada, and its form the mark of the beast also. Brethren be truthful with yourselves and agree that these are the mark of the beast times. Then become a part of the movement God has raised up to counter it G.C.P.P.

The Politician of the other political parties are expired and finished their course. To continue with them, and their failure to address the mark of the beast issue, will land Grenada straight in hell. God Almighty is therefore giving true Christian, born again, holy men and women an opportunity to take government and rescue Grenada form the mark of the beast. G.C.P.P have the right message and the solutions. Stop saying that we must not get involved in politics and every election you are dirtying your finger with ink, voting for the other parties you are fully involved  in politics and rightly so.

This is your final opportunity to be fully involved again. This time as a Christian political party, separate and distinct from the others. Become candidates, members, supporters now! There is a cause. The mark of the beast and the selling of the souls of the Grenadian people to the devil by that is here. There will be no greater cause. We all will be affected by the mark of the beast and E-Government negatively, Rev. Ch.pt, 16. Almighty God is raising up. G.C.P.P to counter and destroy the mark of the beast and E-Government from Grenada. This is your appointed time. Join G.C.P.P let’s do it, there is not much good times left. Read the service area in the classified of this newspaper to reach me. Yours in Christ

Derick Sealey
Grenada Christian Political Party (GCPP)

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