Dishonest, deceptive and deceitful statement

A few nights ago, I was looking at Watch Dog where Minister Oliver Joseph was the guest. Among other things, when speaking of the Mt. Hartman Project and Mr. Charles Liu, he said words to the effect that “everything is ok now and the matter with the SEC is now settled and he (Liu) has returned all investor funds and that the Mt. Hartman project is ongoing.”

This morning, doing a simple web search, I found the following information:

“Law360, New York (January 6, 2017, 6:42 PM EST) — The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has asked a California federal judge to rule against a couple involved in an EB-5 immigrant investor program for a cancer treatment center, saying the couple can no longer dispute they defrauded their investors of more than $21 million.

“The SEC claimed in its Wednesday motion for summary judgment that Charles Liu and Xin Wang had not refuted the agency’s evidence of fraud, failed to respond to one round of deposition questions and invoked the Fifth Amendment in response to another round.”

“Because two consequences necessarily follow – Liu and Wang should be precluded from offering evidence on those subjects, and this court should further draw an adverse inference against them – there is no conceivable way in which Liu and Wang may now evade an adverse judgment,” the motion said.”

The article went on to say: “The summary judgment motion said the couple failed to file any response to written discovery requests in October, and that they invoked their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in the face of deposition questions regarding whether or not they had engaged in fraud or made misstatements to the investors.”

“The combination of the SEC’s independent evidence of fraud; the price of Liu’s and Wang’s refusal to respond to the SEC’s written discovery; and the unavoidable import of defendants’ Fifth Amendment assertions, dispels any vestige of a genuine dispute of material fact,” the SEC said.

A February 2017 report says, “In January, the court opted to put in abeyance the SEC’s summary judgment bid, asking the parties to weigh in on appropriate penalties, according to court documents.”

So, did Mr. Liu settle? I was unsure so I then contacted one of the lawyers for the SEC, Mr. Gary Y. Leung. (, who sent the attached response and documents stating that “Mr. Liu and Ms. Wang have not funded the proposed settlement, and the case has not been resolved.”

This proves that Minister Oliver Joseph’s statement on Watch Dog was dishonest, deceptive and deceitful. He did not say that he was unsure of the status and when pressed by Mr. Bierzynski, he doubled down, insisting that the matter was settled.

I suggest that he be requested to provide evidence to back his statement. It is unfortunate that such statements are made and they go unchallenged, thereby misleading the Grenadian people. This seems to be the modus operandi of this NNP administration.

I think Flow has an obligation to seek further clarity from Minister Joseph and to inform the nation that his statement was untrue.

Vincent Roberts

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