Many people are of the sound opinion that we will see the usual suspects in action in the “Town of St. George” in the upcoming elections.

After all, it is no secret that the political parties only talk about, New and Fresh Ideas, when really, all they are doing is trying to teach old dogs new tricks.

Over the past few years we have been saddled with the reject, recycle, repetitive, rubbish of the old school thinking.

It came as a breath of fresh air to me when one local newspaper a few weeks ago, listed about four names as possible candidates for the “Town of St. George” for the NDC. I was elated, surprised, but elated to see there is now some thinking outside the box.

I have my bias to one of the names listed, for a number of reasons. Not that I have anything against the others, because, I am confident anyone of them will do a sterling job.

All the folks listed have very strong and similar qualities, and have a very strong family base and roots in the town. They are all outspoken, firm believers in human rights, justice, and a genuine fighter for the poor man, and the country, and all have served the country in one way or another.

Having said that, my bias will be for Ms. Claudette Joseph. I don’t know her personally but I have seen her, interacted with her in a professional environment, have also been privileged to see her when she is not on official business, and I honestly like her temperament.

We the people in town will do well to have someone like her.

* I do not see her as a smooth talker to gain your trust as she calls it as she sees it.

* I do not see her as a vacillator – she holds on to a position until you can convince her otherwise.

* I particularly appreciated the way she was able to dissect and bring to light many of the issues surrounding the recent constitutional reform and she was very articulate and convincing.

* It was also told to me and confirmed that she came from very humble beginnings, walking to and from school, knowing what it was like to sell fudge and sugar-cake to help her mom provide for the home.

* Passionate about the rights of women, and the rights of the child.

I cannot see any reason why the NDC will not choose her to be the candidate for the ‘Town of St. George”.

I think she is a much better fit, and a genuine person, and someone who is very apt to the needs of people (cannot say that for the current MP for town, and the NEW NATIONAL HOP SCOTCH In House CHAMPION. Those two men have abused the privilege and power, which were given to them.

– I hope the political Leader and the powers-that-be in the NDC will see the needs of the people and give us something to look towards.

– A young woman with a bright future in politics

– A woman of class and substance

– A woman who is selfless and passionate to the needs of others

Ms. Joseph, I will love to see you on the slate, and for Town. Town is calling for something real… !!!!!!

Town Youth

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