The wrong move!!!

As someone who supported the NNP since 1984 and still support our party, I have to vent my feelings on the manner in which Peter David was named as the Caretaker for the Town of St. George constituency.

My sister is a member of the constituency branch and told me that there was no vote or consultation on the appointment of Mr. David to take over from the Hon. Nickolas Steele who was doing a good job.

We are sure that if election was held that Mr. Steele would have won the contest hands down over Mr. Peter David who to many of us is a political grasshopper.

Our MP joined the NNP after the NNP was soundly beaten by NDC in the ‘08 general election in which Mr. David was a big boy.

We know for a fact that Mr. David came over to the NNP to seek political refuge when he was kicked out by Tillman Thomas and Nazim Burke.

Who Mr. David think he fooling? If he had won the NDC in 2012 from Uncle Tilly in the fight for leadership he would not have joined NNP to resurrect his political fortunes.

I don’t trust this man at all. He is always smiling and laughing but there is something behind that smile. I know that he cannot outfox the Prime Minister but what happens after the PM leaves the scene. Can he be trusted to be a true NNP and don’t make a push for power?

As a true NNP supporter I would like to see Mr. Steele become the Prime Minister of this country any day before Mr. David. We can trust Mr. Steele but the same cannot be said of this David boy.

This is the same man that betrayed their own beloved Comrade Leader, Bro. Maurice Bishop.

A few nights ago, I had a chat with a top PRG man and what he told me is that Peter David is not an organized person and never seemed to learn over the years.

The man who is a friend of Peter David said that he was given a State job as Deputy Secretary for Information and they had to put a Secretary for him because Peter will give people a date for appointments and when the people come he was no way around.

The man said that the government was so upset that the only thing they could do to sort out the problem was to hire a Secretary to remind him about the appointments. Can a man like this run the country?

I was listening to Kennedy Budhlall on a radio station in the country saying that Peter is a likeable person but does not have the skills to run a government and country. KB will know Peter better than anyone as both of them were army officers in the PRA.

As an NNP member, I was glad to see what Peter did to Uncle Tilly and Nazim Burke and help to bring down the NDC from power but it stops there for me. I am not making any joke with this boy since I do not trust him. My mother told me that the only good Revo in Grenada is a dead one.

I can’t see myself voting for Peter David in Town. I would stay home on election day rather than vote against my conscience. The NDC will never get my vote and my own party cannot count on me because I can’t vote for Peter David, Chester Humphrey and Dr. Thomas and them.

The NNP Executive must convince me how Peter was selected as the Caretaker over Mr. Steele for the Town. The constituency branch was not involved in any voting. This thing was handed down on us without any consultation.

This is not democracy at work but dictatorship.

NNP To The Bone

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