Conman in the media!!!

I would like the public to be aware of a prominent radio personality who goes around asking people for monies borrow.

In 2015, I loaned him some monies, unknowing his character. In fact, he said to me that he is a good person and gave me the names of two reputable Bishops of Evangelical churches in Grenada and a high ranking police officer in the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) whom he said can vouch that he is a good person.

He even brought me to one of the Bishops who signed as witness to some of the monies lent. In the presence of the Bishop he affirmed that I would not have any difficulty in recovering my monies.

This helped to form the premise upon which I loaned him the monies. The agreement stipulated the amount of monies to be repaid monthly and the date of completion.

It was not long afterwards that I realised that he was definitely not the person he purported to be.

On several occasions I asked him for the monies and also why he is not honouring the agreement.

That was the beginning of a number of lies, which continues even up until today. (I must confess that he made a few small payments, which are negligible compared to the amount outstanding, and not as stipulated in the agreement).

On another occasion he said that a family member is in the process of negotiating a loan on his behalf but subsequently said that the person did not get through with the loan. He even went further to say that he had applied for a loan from FASH CASH but they were asking for some more information and eventually the loan was not approved.

Another time he said that someone had applied for a loan on his behalf and that the person is a civil servant.  He went on further to say that the loan was approved. When I asked him concerning the disbursement of the said loan, he couldn’t answer. These are just some of the blatant lies that this prominent radio personality would have made.

I got so frustrated and sought the assistance of the said Bishop who signed the agreement as witness. On one occasion he met with the both of us. At the meeting, the radio man said that he had applied to the Credit Union to obtain a loan so that he can repay me. He further said that the Credit Union had put him on a plan for six (6) months following which he would get the loan. At the expiration of the six (6) months, when I asked him about the status of the loan, he said that he lied and was trying to buy time.

I even resorted to the assistance of the police. The officer met with the both of us on one occasion and at the meeting, the media man agreed that in December 2016, he would repay me some of the monies outstanding based on the agreement. Knowing that the officer cannot bring criminal charges against him as the matter is one of a civil nature this individual refused to pay me.

It must be made known that the radio man apart from his contractual obligation with a radio station is also contracted with one of the Government Ministries and earns in excess of $4,000.00 from both institutions. So then, what is this man doing with his monies? Why is he refusing to pay me? Is he taking my kindness for stupidity?

Every month since December 2016, I have been asking the radio man for my monies and he blatantly refuses to repay me. In fact he comes up with a different lie every time.

Some of his most recent lies include:

•       That his grandmother’s property is being conveyed to him and he has  to bear the legal cost associated with the transfer.

•       That they are in the process of negotiating a loan for the repairs of the house and the monies to repay me are included in it and that I would get the monies in two tranches.

This radio personality knows that he is lying and I know that he is lying but yet he continues to lie and say that he is speaking the truth. Nothing he says in ever true. If he tells you to run, make sure you stand still. I have never met someone so diabolic in my entire life.

He even asked an associate to lend him some money because he purported that his child was sick and he wanted to buy medication. Up to this day he has not repaid the person. Stop using your children to “con” the unsuspecting. You are a very intelligent and talented individual so please channel your intelligence and talent in things that are more worthwhile and honest.

I am therefore calling on the said Bishop who signed the agreement to please use your goodwill in an effort to ensuring that I recover all my monies from this man.

Enough is enough! You fail to repay me, you’d better refrain from hosting that program on the radio station.

Monies are not easy to come by these days and when someone takes their hard earned monies and lend to another there is an opportunity cost attached. If you are not able to meet the obligation as agreed, principle would dictate that you engage the person and try to renegotiate some form of compromise. It is not good principle to dodge the person nor tell lies, be straight up. This also goes for persons owing institutions as well.

Mr. Radio Man, please be reminded that honesty is the best policy and what a man sows that shall he also reap. The curse goes down as far as to your fourth (4th) generation. So, for your sake and the sake of your children, stop “conning” people. Real men pay their bills.

God has raised you up from your bed of affliction – so very close to death, so that you can serve Him, but, rather than serving Him, you are using your intelligence to ‘con’ people. It is time to stop and put water in your wine – put it, it won’t spoil!

So Mr. Radio Man, I am giving you two weeks from the date of issue of this article to repay me in full. Failing to do so would result in legal proceedings being brought against you without further notice.

Frustrated Civil Servant

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