A rampant Diva Culture

When we give them the Government, somethings happen to us!   For the last forty years, whether NJM or NNP or NDC, we have been chasing donkeys; getting things wrong more often than right. Today, we are surrounded by a distressing, un-productive diva culture where significant sections of the population ‘live light and weigh heavy’!

Tomorrow, Grenadians will pay a price for this deception.

Every imaginable type of poverty exists, but the victims do little to lift themselves because there are sources of supply and temporary relief. Various ‘hands of supply’ appear to take care of cell phone, dress code and all ‘eat-ah- food’ needs. There is hardly any sacrificing to educate children. In the diva culture politicians have irresponsibly created, fun, fete, fast foods and fashion dominate!

Being unconcerned about production, an impoverished, unstable future awaits younger generations of Grenadians. But who cares? The politicians’ task is to make people ‘feel’ happy today, not to build up their value for tomorrow. So poverty is promoted officially!

Imagine a five million dollar gift from SGU is celebrated as a “good Christmas” for poor people!

Elections are said to be free and democratic, but they result in the dictatorship of the winning political party. The Constitution shuts out others from the power space. In the circumstances, the people have no governance arrangements in their neighbourhoods. Citizens in the parishes are not empowered to stake a claim on the progress of the country, but rather to make a claim through some relief programme administered from the Ministerial Complex.

We need and deserve better, but will that happen? Take a look at the current political set up. The NNP, now a grafted coalition of sorts, trades on ‘gold dust politics’: money power, showpiece events, entertainment, concrete projects and; lately, the acquisition of private property. Corruption is a natural outflow of that alignment of resources and decision-making. Add to that power-induced arrogance and you understand their conduct of and in public affairs. They have not aligned the windfall revenues from the CBI Program to the key economic and social development challenges. So we will soon end up with socio-cultural tensions, massive wall structures and tremendous income inequality.

In fairness, though, their disagreements and disaffections have not reached the fatal level of division, as was seen with the NDC.

Additionally, they cannot be said to have criminalised power as did the Central Committee.

The new NDC seems not to be taking itself seriously. Notice how they presenting themselves to the people. For the first time in the history of the NDC, its leader enjoys no character superiority over the NNP leader! Victor accepts no personal responsibility for anything; not the collapse of the public finances in 2012 or his disappointing treatment of his constituents, 2008-12. Instead of bearing his humanity to St George NE voters, people who know him, he dresses in borrowed ‘best Minister’ robes and lifts a ‘straw’ crown of exemplary economic management! Really? Be credible! Man-up! Say sorry!

Unhappily, the NDC’s leadership meltdown of 2010-2012 has not led to a re-moulding that is attractive to the eye or the mind. Things have become so over-intellectualised that they decided to bleach the face of the founding fathers; it’s not gold anymore! The Black Wizard sings, “NNP is a mentality”, but his party leadership says colour spoil ‘we politics’ so they changing theirs! Can colour think and act?

From whence cometh this purist standard in local politics?

Look again; unity cannot be perfected in the presence of loyalty politics. Then they come to the political marketplace with “The Alternative”!  Get real fellas!  That is not a brand nor is it an identity or a statement of purpose capable of motivating anyone.  It is a poor political product, especially on the eve of elections. Many things hurt the ‘heart’!

So the elections will come and go soon and one party will win the prized ‘Office of Government’. Governance will not improve! Corruption will not abate! Poverty will remain at Everest! Unemployment will remain at ‘SOS’ levels! The society will fall deeper into decadence!
Production will not become a thing of importance! The diva culture will simply become more rampant!

William Joseph

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