Shut up or go away!!!

I was horrified at a News report on GBN radio on Tuesday 11th April, wherein it was reported that Grenada’s Foreign Minister, Hon. Elvin Nimrod declared at a recent ceremony marking 40 years of relations with the Republic of Venezuela that Grenada would stand with Venezuela “No matter what”!

Is the Minister an Imbecile, or just a gutter whore and prostitute?

Does the Minister realise what he said and the implications of that statement? Or does it not matter?

Minister, here is a quote you should familiarise yourself with “it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”. You have removed all doubt, and shown us how unsuitable you are for the position you hold. Had you an inkling of common sense, you would have found a way of expressing support for the people of Venezuela, because of our longstanding relationship.

You would have avoided “support, NO matter what” of a State that imprisons Journalists, jails Opposition Leaders, hijacked the Country’s Supreme Court, and its Magistracy, whose Police brutalise and shoot protesters, whose Gangs of supporters ride around and murder opponents, that denies Citizens of basic Human rights, such as the right to security, food, medicines, medical care, is the acknowledged Murder capital of the World, is ruled by a corrupt Clique that is accused of rigging Elections, and ruined a Country that has the largest known Oil reserves in the World, more than Saudi Arabia!!!

We realise that the NNP Government/Party have sold our souls to Venezuela for a few Petro Dollars, but this gravy train is running out. Don’t be fooled by their “Local Agents” who have jumped aboard in the “sell out” of our Sovereignty, so that they can for the fourth time try to seize power -1979, 1983, 2012.

We have seen that you are willing to genuflect to Dr. Mitchell so that you could “eat ah food”, but is this declaration of absolute support, the proof positive that NNP have nothing to offer, and now have no option but to follow this route to retain Power, NO matter what?

We shall soon all know, but at your age, find some dignity for your sake, and the sake of Grenada…. I beg you.

Do the right thing, shut up, or better yet GO away!!!

 Totally Disgusted Grenadian

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