Reject E Government

I have been writing about the mark of the beast in Grenada and it’s here. I have been the voice in the wilderness against this evil deed.

This N.N.P government has stepped up on its implementation by taking the Mark of the Beast to the next level. This N.N.P government is now talking E Government to connect all ministries, schools etc. electronically by computer the internet etc. through broadband from Digicel.

This N.N.P Government and the past N.D.C Government seem to be bent on selling the souls of the Grenadian people, careless if it’s the Mark of the Beast or money. It always seems to be for money, in this case an evil three million dollars. What a shame!

It looks like foreign powers are pushing Grenada to be the first functioning Mark of the Beast country in the world. Is Grenada the foreign power guinea pig for the Mark of the Beast? I hope not.

What’s the rush? I can’t understand why this government and politicians that say they are Christians, and Grenada is a Christian nation will be so blind, ignorant and foolish to push the mark of the beast on their people.

Government, please stop and think, listen to what I am saying!

Instead they are operating like wolves in sheep clothing and Anti-Christ, to be running with the mark of the beast agenda. The ID Cards you receive from the multipurpose identification (M.P.I.D) Computer system when you get registered today is the mark of the beast.

They should know according to the Christian Holy book the Bible that this is the Mark of the Beast era, and take heed. Grenadians are unaware and accepting hook, line and sinker what these expired politicians are giving them the Mark of the Beast, selling their souls to the Devil.

This calls for Grenada’s third greatest and best revolution, this one against the Mark of the Beast, at the polls.  Vote these people out of office. Vote G.C.P.P into office and rescue Grenada from the Mark of the Beast.

The people must awake to this selling of their souls to the Devil by the N.N.P and the N.D.C rising up and stopping that. Don’t vote them back into government. There is an answer. Almighty God is raising up Grenada Christian Political party (G.C.P.P) to counter and destroy the Mark of the Beast from Grenada. Join become a candidate, member or supporters.

G.C.P.P is calling for all Christians who are government ministers and employees, and Christians all over Grenada to answer this call now. Open your eyes, you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this. Join G.C.P.P and rise up. Tell your co-workers, friends and family that the Mark of the Beast is here and the N.N.P government is selling your souls to the Devil.

Become a part of G.C.P.P whose mission and assignment is to take government by winning all 15 seats in this upcoming general election.

G.C.P.P will destroy the Mark of the Beast and E Government from Grenada.

Why be fooled? Grenada lived a fairly good life without this evil and Devilish Mark of the Beast system that N.N.P and N.D.C and others are pushing on us. This is terrible! That’s the reason, almighty God revealed to me that these N.N.P and N.D.C types of politicians are expired and ran their course. They are most dangerous to continue  with. However there is still forgiveness, repentance and salvation for them.

A new crop of politician are now needed, those being holy and righteous Christian men and women to land Grenadians safely to meettheir creator. Let G.C.P.P be formed by becoming part of it. Come from all political parties of Grenada and let’s rescue Grenada.

The Mark of the Beast is here, E Government is here. Wake up Grenada!

This upcoming election is the most important in the history of Grenada. It will say whether the people of Grenada accept or reject the Mark of the Beast. It will be Grenada true referendum voting yes or no for the Mark of the Beast. Vote no by voting G.C.P.P into government.

The Grenada Christian Political Party (G.C.P.P) will end the Mark of the Beast and E Government from Grenada. Grenadians you have an opportunity to make your best and greatest mark on history. Let’s do it! Join Grenada Christian Political Party today. God bless you.

Derick Sealey
Grenada Christian Political Party

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