Things that bothers me

Since the relevant authority moved the Home for the Aged from Grand Anse to Calliste, it is noticeable that no one was observing how dangerous the environment has became for these poor senior citizens.

The government has concreted a piece of road leaving out a part that is directly in front of the Home  for the Aged.

There is a construction site only a few hundred feet away and heavy vehicles often travelling in that area.

Imagine all these heavy vehicle right in front this home with a constant breeze blowing the dirt directly onto these senior  citizens home thus helping to do greater damage to their health  and aided by the north east trade winds. Could you imagine this is the way that we treat our  senior citizens.

These are the very people who paved the way for us and creating the conditions that we  now enjoy today. Shame  on the government.

If you see the amount of dust that flies strait inside of those poor senior  citizen quarters.

Why nobody is looking into that? There is also a church in the area where so many vehicles park and face the same problem.

I am calling on the government to please look into this burning problem opposite the Limousine service at the Calliste junction.

In addition, not to far from there is a little village name Baghdad which was established by Informal settlers. Some of them are residing on crown lands for almost twenty years and government will not regularise their status.

Most of the houses have electricity which was hastily done during a past election when a female representative made a special effort involving Grenlec to ensure that the village had light.

The water is also now being  connected because people sense  that the next general  election is  around the corner.

However while all this is happening these people are still not regularized in terms of getting documentation or entitlement for the lands which they are occupying. I am therefore calling on government to urgently look into this heartless denial of these burning issues.

Where is the MP for the area?.

All the government is concentrating on is winning the next general election so they are waiting patiently to fool the electorate which we have already started to witness as we draw closer to the election.

Yes, the politicians have developed a certain type of culture of dependence where  people can rest assured about getting gainful handouts by the politicians for their own benefits.

Let us take a  look at  the de-bushing  programme where our citizens were made to believe that it is a plus to give workers a week  or two every year cutting bush along the road.

There is absolutely nothing happening when it comes to job creation in this country. It is only talk, talk and more talk.  Have we improved as  a country?

Look at our agricultural sector – are we only a consumer of foreign goods and services?  Look at our nutmeg farmers  – years now they cannot get a little bonus. The question is  – who is fooling who?

During the last election our political leaders promised that just elect them into office  and all  those problems would have been taken care off. This was an NNP stunt..

Please my friends when you cast your ballot vote from  your   heart and not from your head.

Kennedy Jawahir

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