The mark of the beast

The latest Political Party to be formed GCPP deals not only with bread and butter issues that matters to the soul.  G.C.P.P says the greatest threat facing mankind today is not Climate Change, terrorism or a nuclear war, nor the mark of the beast.

Almighty God is allowing GCPP to be raised up to counter and destroy the mark of the best from Grenada.  GCPP transcends all the other political parties today and is the saving party for Grenada in these times.

GCPP understand the times and knows what to do. The expired politicians of the NNP, NDC and all other political parties have and are selling the souls of the Grenadian people to the devil.

By registering and calling for them to get registered into the multi-purpose identification system, this system is the mark of the Beast. You are finger printed and a passport size picture of your face taken to be placed on your I.D. Lord that connects you to the worldwide electronic and digital data base.

That’s the preferred card for you to do business at financial institutions. It’s the one card system that’s here. You cannot buy and sell without it. It’s happening just as Revelation chapter 13:16-18 says.  NNP, NDC and the other political parties are pushing the mark of the beast and selling your souls to the Devil. GCPP brings redemption. They say get registered!

The only place you can get registered for election and referendum is into the multi-purpose I.D. database.

That’s the mark of the beast.

GCPP says don’t get registered in that manner.

GCPP will register our people in a different format. GCPP will destroy the mark of the beast from Grenada.  We are talking about your soul people.  Don’t let them sell you to the Devil no matter what they say or do!  GCPP will stop that. Join GCCP in your tens of thousands by becoming candidates, members and supporters.  Let’s win all 15 seats in the upcoming elections.

Let’s destroy the mark of the Beast from Grenada!  Let’s rescue Grenada and make Grenada free again!  Save Grenada from the mark of the beast. GCPP says it’s a matter of your souls.

Derick Sealey (Founder)
Grenada Christian Political Party (GCPP)

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