London has Green Eyes

It would have been unpardonable if our National Flag did not have green as a core colour depicting the healthy vegetation that clads and soothes our habitat. Virtually every school assigns green as the colour of one of its Houses into which students are grouped for purposes of socialisation, sports and other forms of competition.

At the GBSS, Hughes’ House is green and at PBC, Dominican House is green. At the AHS, Walton House is green and at the Convent, Javouhey House is green. One supposes that its presence is simply natural.

While there is obvious pride in being a past or present student of a Secondary School, identifying with one’s House by colour stirs emotions that flow from special ties and bonds of closeness; of brotherhood and sisterhood!

Clearly, ‘green’ is a powerful symbol and a distinctive badge in education. Among other things, education equips people to think, to process information, to work smarter, to associate and to represent. While the academic thrust of education is towards status and acquisition, one may yet display character-deficits, having failed to make the adjustments from childhood days. On the contrary, many have made the shift, some to very high and celebratory levels.

High achievers are a prized asset to any home, community, old school or society. Sons and daughters in that happy realm are snapped-up by the well-known industries and by others too!

In fact, if one is heard speaking well and is seen conducting oneself with some degree of decency; or, if one is said to be well-spoken, ordinary people and emissaries alike may knock one’s door to suggest that one considers other elevated roles in society. One may even be the object of competitive strategy depending on which organisations have one’s recruitment in their sights.

Children of the Grenadian civilisation are scattered all over the world. They would have arrived there in pursuit of higher education and remained, in most cases, to build a more prosperous life. While there, they would not have forgotten their childhood homes or their homeland.

From time to time, well-wishers of all kinds would recall their accomplishments in school-days and crowd-pleasing cultural presentations on stage. They would enquire as to their well-being and their interests and intentions regarding coming back to the ‘Greenz’. Some would even establish contact from afar to plant seeds of honour and prestige in their minds. It’s really a beautiful cultural thing!

While geography allocates its space to mankind, technology alleviates the awesome pain of separation and history attributes to men and women those things that they have done. Hurry now to England and fear not what you hear or see there! Picture a mind at work in Grenada connecting with another’s in that place and reaching agreement on the near future. Its’ musical delivery will be of historic proportions, enough to inspire and excite the ‘Spice’.

Yes, the ayes have it! ‘Me thinks’ that London has green eyes! ‘Wat yuh think fella’? Still count you in or end the count?

William Joseph

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