A million dollars for Pedro!!!

Back in 2003, Peter used to be my favourite politician when he decided to re-enter the political ring to fight the man that he’s now serving as his master.

Peter reminded me a lot about my hero – Comrade Maurice Bishop – as the two had many things in common.

Peter and Maurice ended up being lawyers, had the same red complexion and came from good families.

Our family was happy when this new lawyer on the scene decided to join the National Democratic Congress (NDC) since the NNP leader reminded us too much about Eric Gairy in nasty ways.

Although we are living in St. Andrew’s, our family decided to support Peter when he took up the mantle to contest the Town of St. George constituency for NDC against that woman Brenda Hood we never liked because of her funny sounding voice with so many green verbs coming out of her mouth.

Another reason why we wanted Peter to beat the woman was a report reaching us that the woman was close to the NDC tough people like Sister Joan Purcell in the NGO community but was sucked in by the NNP leader in 1999 to run as a candidate when Dr. Fletcher resigned and the government collapsed.

Through a family friend that was close to Peter, our family donated a significant amount of money to help NDC and especially the Candidate for the Town in 2003.

We were happy when NDC formed the government in 2008 and saw Peter as the man who would eventually replace Uncle Tilly when the time came.

In our mind Nazim Burke could never become the Leader because the NDC supporters were more in favour of Peter than him.

It was painful for us when the internal problem surfaced in the NDC in very much the same way the NJM and the Grenada Revolution was affected.

However, let me get to the point as quickly as possible. There is no way that our family will support Peter and any association with NNP and its Leader.

Peter has compounded things by the way he lied on the platform at the NNP Convention when he said that NDC people had approached him to come back to the party but he ain’t going back.

Our family have several acres of land in St. Andrew and prepared to sell everything to raise one million dollars to give to Peter if he can mention one NDC Executive member who approached him to come back into the party. Peter, stop telling lies.

The other thing that was annoying is that statement made by Peter on the NNP platform that he could have stayed in the party and take the nonsense like others and not leave.

What utter foolishness. Peter is forgetting that he was expelled from the party by the members of NDC at a convention in 2012. Peter, tell me something, how can you remain when the delegates said that they did not want anything to do with you and the others who were expelled like Chester Humphrey, Pastor Simon, Joe Gilbert, La Barrie, Karl Hood and the rest of them?

Peter is only telling lies because he thinks that some people might have forgotten what happened back in 2012.

This NNP turn coat very much wanted to stay in the NDC because he joined with others to take court action over the expulsion from the party.

Peter, please be careful because when you throw stones others are going to pelt back at you and you have plenty skeletons in the cupboard.

For starters you cannot forget what you and others did to Dr. Japal back in the days of the Revo. Dr. Japal is long dead but his soul might still be haunting earth and looking for people like you who did him great harm and injustice.

St. Andrew Farmer

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