Tampering with the Electoral office

It is rather shameful and embarrassing when a Head of State of an independent democratic country is at the center of a controversy regarding the alleged tampering and manipulation of the Electoral system.

Governor General Dame Cecile La Grenade must be mindful of the message that she may be sending out to the nation and its citizenry that she is an agent of a political party and not the stateswoman that she is expected to be.

The Dame will be putting her reputation at risk if she can’t be trusted as someone who supports transparency, accountability good governance and democracy.

No GG should engage in actions that may bring the office of the Governor General into disrepute.

The GG should also be mindful of the implications that her actions may have on the young people who are struggling to be decent law abiding citizens.

If the GG as head of state can act in the way she did by dismissing all these officers at once – what can we expect from the nation’s youth?

The number of youth imprisoned at the Richmond Hill prison is cause for concern.  The GG needs to play a more active role in getting her administration to create jobs for the nation’s youth instead of getting involved in the operations of the Electoral Office in the way she did by sacking all eight officers.

It is very easy to rig elections in the Caribbean. The late Guyanese leader Forbes Burham is on record as saying that once you in office you should not lose an election. He was accused of rigging the 1993 general elections in Guyana. In fact he was widely known as a ‘rigger’ of elections.

In the words of the President of the Senate Chester Humphrey, “Those who control the crime scene, controls the evidence.” Wonder if he is still of that opinion now that he may also be in control of some of the evidence.

It is not by a co-incidence that Grenada is regarded as the most corrupt country in the sub-region. The culture of corruption in Grenada under the NNP is a case of serious concern. This culture is like a virus that eats at the foundation of our democracy.

It has allegedly infested the Ministerial Complex in the Botanical Gardens. Ministry after Ministry is being ‘raped’. No one is held accountable, Madness!

Someone needs to stand out as a ‘beacon of hope in the NNP can of worms’.

It’s so sad to see that all NNP MP’s are blindly towed by a captain who isn’t aware of where he came from and whence he is going. The blind leading the blind, deaf and dumb.

Allegations of corruption under the NNP are definitely too rampant, and must be curbed once and for all.

The only solution is to vote the NNP out of office, conduct an independent investigation of the governance of the country by the NNP for the past decade and if there are evidence of malfeasance, corruption and mismanagement disband the party and get rid of the no good bastard political party once and for all.
NNP is a curse.

This is the second time that the Governor General may have allegedly engaged in practices that are not proper. She featured prominently in the knighthood scandal involving British public relations consultant Anthony Bailey.

The Governor General may have broken the law since under the Grenadian Honours Act, only two people can receive knighthoods each year but Bailey managed to obtain four for himself and his allies in one day according to the British tabloid The Mail on Sunday.

The manner in which the GG dismissed the Electoral officers is in really poor taste.

The NNP cancer of corruption must be eliminated once and for all.

This cancer is now itself in the private sector with workers allegedly stealing huge sums of monies from their employers. The RGPF also is not immune to the cancer.

Just imagine what would happen to Grenada if our Mugabe decided to do whatever it takes to stay in power until he is 93 years. God forbid.

The argument put forward for firing eight election officials by the Governor General is foolhardy. If that is true then the Governor General herself needs to be fired.

Since returning, the Keith Mitchell-led NNP regime has allegedly hired scores of retirees who seemingly are sympathetic to his administration.

Popular talk show host Kem Jones brought that issue to the fore as the nation’s youth are being marginalised and neglected by the NNP.

The alleged tampering of the electoral system is not a co-incidence.

It’s all part of the systematic and deliberate strategy of the NNP to manipulate and rig the upcoming general elections by placing individuals loyal to the party in critical positions.

This action was hatched following the failed constitutional reform referendum where all seven bills were defeated. This defeat had the Prime Minister, his administration and CRAC spellbound in utter disbelief.

NDC is a force to be reckoned with. Keith Mitchell is aware of this and so is trying to swing the tide in his favour.

Voter padding has always been an issue in Grenada’s general elections. The NNP has been accused of voter padding on numerous election cycles. It has been alleged that voters in St. George North-west have been allowed to register and vote in other constituencies including the town of St George.

Having your diehard supporters as returning officers makes it very easy to do so. The opposition NDC has to be extremely vigilant if they are to avoid widespread voter padding by the NNP.

It’s very difficult to prevent voter irregularities in ‘banana republics’ like Grenada.

Having lost the referendum so overwhelmingly NNP  isn’t taking anything for granted or leaving it up to chance.

The international community and especially the OAS should put pressure on the Keith Mitchell administration to ensure that the upcoming election is free and fair. Nazim Burke should continue to mobilise the people and especially the NDC base to rise up forcefully in the defence of Grenada’s democracy.

Despite having total control of the Parliament, the NNP is going into an election under extreme pressure.

The economy is struggling, youth unemployment is out of control.

The youths were very instrumental in the NNP victory in the last general elections. They are extremely agitated and frustrated with the NNP. Things are really bad in Grenada. Change is inevitable.

The political tension can be felt within the corridors of the Botanical Gardens. Things look bad for the NNP. The table is ‘turning’. There is no enthusiasm within the Cabinet, or in the public for this ‘no good’ administration.

Victory seems elusive for the NNP and so the best hope for a victory is a ‘rigged’ election.

Power to the people. Keith Mitchell and the NNP must GO!

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