“Little Nikki”

I could not believe my eyes and ears during the News broadcast on 22nd February. Basically “Little Nikki” told the Nation…. IT GOOD !!! You did not vote in the Referendum, (he pronounced it  Referandumb) so take it in you tail. The Governor General could do what she want, because you did not vote like we told you, for an Electoral Commission .  Really “Little Nikki” Really!!?? All of a sudden, the GG get BADD !!!! and doing what she want?  “In her own deliberate Judgment”  And we so chupid, we go believe you?

We know the GG have to take Her orders too, or else!!!!Tell us “Little Nikki”, who send you to tell us this nonsense? Was it your Boss?

Poor you, like you don’t understand that all this talk you talking after Cabinet is a deliberate strategy to make you talk youself out of a work!!

Let “Pick Up” find he own constituency to run and stick to your own. Otherwise…YOU LOOSE !! That is D plan. What you going to get ah Ambassador Wukk??

You can’t make it in South, and “Pick UP” can’t make in Town.


Keith Claudius Steele

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