Eye sore in Dumfries!!!

On Monday 20th March, 2017, I visited the beautiful island of Carriacou. While on a tour of the island we came across an area known as Dumfries, where we stumbled across what I later found out was a landfill and not a dumpsite as my first instinct was.

I was disgusted and appalled by the sight and condition of the landfill. It was far the most unsightly dumpsite or landfill I have ever come across in my many years of travels across the region.
My knowledge of a landfill is that landfills must be operated or managed in such a way that it does not become an eye sore. Solid waste taken to landfills must be compacted by a machine of some sort and then covered with soil which is clearly not the case on this particular site.

I do not think burning should take place at a landfill but this happens there and from observation the burning of waste seems to be regularly done.

Based on what was observed I wish to question the pride of the people who pass this area on a daily basis and the general population of Carriacou. How can residents of this island sit around and accept conditions as such? Are they not concerned about their health and well-being or about the adverse effect this situation could have on their environment?

Who is responsible for ensuring that the landfill is being properly managed and that the necessary activities undertaken to manage the waste at the site? Are the Minister and the Ministry of Petit Martinique affairs aware of the condition of the landfill at present?

If so, what measures have been taken to address this health hazard?

What is the position of the Solid Waste Management Authority since they are responsible for managing solid waste on this island? Are they aware of this current situation? If so, what measures are being put in place to deal with this magnitude of solid waste that is being littered across the landfill at Dumfries Carriacou?

What about the Health Inspectors and Vector Control personnel on Carriacou? Have they not seen this eye sore?

Carriacou is a beautiful gem and is known for its warm people who are so deep rooted in their culture and the preservation of their traditions. Carriacou boasts four festivals a year and will therefore attract both domestic and international tourists and visitors basically all year round.

It would be heart wrenching if tourists and visitors alike were to pass along the road near the landfill and behold this eye sore.

This situation is matter of national urgency so I am soliciting some form of intervention by the relevant authorities to address this situation so as to ensure a cleaner and healthier Carriacou.

Gaylene Noel
Union Island
St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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