Don’t let GRENLEC bully us!!!

Following a message on Grenlec facebook page, I am totally insulted and upset that Grenlec has threatened Prime Minister Mitchell and every Grenadian.

In Grenada, we want pure energy, renewable and clean. We want to breathe pure air, we want to drink pure water. Grenlec, you please your shareholders with $25M profit every year and you do not care about Grenadians with an insane 1% of renewable energy in 2015.

Californians build over 1 million private rooftops PV every year with net metering (what I produce I keep because I have paid for the investment, what I have extra, I sell to electricity company).

Bravo to PM Mitchell who stand in front of Grenlec and said NO to polluting fuel, YES to net metering, YES to renewable energy, YES to “Pure Grenada”. We will not accept any ultimatum, neither threat from anyone. Bye! Bye! Grenlec.

Welcome to Hydro-Grenada. On day 1 of our electricity independence, Cover, Hosten, Brathwaite, Slocombe, Collins, Williams, Neptune and the rest of Grenadian management team will continue their excellent work and keep the electricity flowing in all houses and businesses.

Do you think they will suddenly become lazy and take no more – they are proud to run a business they know on their fingertips? Do you think all 235 employees, because they are now government workers will stop doing what they did best for so many years?

As a citizen of Grenada and Quebec, I could compare both countries.

Hydro-Quebec is owned 100% by Quebec government. Grenada population is 66 times smaller than Quebec. This year only, Hydro-Quebec has net revenue of 803M$ with payment to Quebec government of 4,000M$. 99% of generated energy is renewable. Make the calculation and you will see how Grenada could improve.

A phone call to Eric Martel, Hydro-Quebec President and we could connect both countries for best practice exchange and consultation to reach Grenada Government goal of 100% renewable by 2050.

Just a few examples: H-Q harvest many lakes and rivers to produce hydropower. Grenada Grand Etang Lake has 3 million of cubic feet of water at 1,800 feet from seawater. This is 27 TWh of potential energy enough to deliver all required Grenada energy for 146 years even if there is no rain on Grand Etang Lake (based on 2015 consumption).

Grenada has 40,000 rooftops and more sun than most WW countries.

Renewable energy is cheaper than any fossil energy since 2016.

Thousand of households are ready for roof top pv installation with a payback less than 4 years with net metering.

Why it was not happening? Because Grenlec standard contract is asking for the butter and the price of the butter all for them.

Please PM Mitchell do not let them threaten you and each Grenadian.

What will they ask next? We do not need them, period.

Richard Laflamme,

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