Can someone please tell me the length of time it takes to get a medical report from the hospital?  Is it five, ten or fifteen years?

I am in desperate need of an answer.

It is almost five years now since my son met in a vehicular accident, taken to the General Hospital, had surgery and re-entry surgery and since that time I have been requesting a medical report for Insurance and other legal purposes and not succeeding.

Recently I was told by the doctor who was asked to prepare it after failed attempts to have it done by the Director of Medical services that it can be collected last Friday, March 3 or the Monday following.

I went to the Secretary of the Director of Medical Services and was told that it was not ready, as the Doctor who prepared it neither had not yet proof read nor signed it.  In fact, when contacted on her telephone, the Secretary got no response.

Although I left my contact information with the Secretary, and asked that I be called, I got no response.  I decided to call and was told it was still not ready as the said doctor did not show up to proof read the letter.  I then asked the Secretary how long it takes she said depending on the nature of the letter it can take from two weeks up.  She was unable to give a maximum time.

As may be a known fact, the reports are not given free of cost. I made attempts prior to have one of the other private orthopedic doctor on island provide the report.  He agreed, told me the fee, which at the time stood at $850.00 with his terms and condition, and for which I agreed to pay.

However, when I contacted him he advised that since the child was attended to at the Hospital and under the supervision of the Director of Medical Services he thought it fitting for the Hospital to have the report done.

In fact, after more than two years, a partially completed report, comprising of about four to five lines was drawn up by one Dr. Alverez who was responsible for performing both surgeries, and who is no longer on the island.

There report was collected and delivered to the Insurance company, who after considering the content or lack thereof informed that it was not substantial and therefore requested a more comprehensive one.  To date it has not been received.

Can the Minister of Health or the Director of Medical Services provide not just me but the general public with a response on the maximum time it takes after a request is being made to have a Medical Report?  We need to know so we can alleviate false expectations.

Yvette Payne

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