Vote NNP for corruption, unemployment and poverty

Many people won’t admit it, but Keith Mitchell is a massive failure.

Ask yourself this simple question – “Are you better off today than your were four years ago?”
NNP fourth anniversary celebrations ad says let the progress continue. The reality is under Keith and the NNP Grenadians have became progressively poorer. The SEED program is expanded and instead of talking about the amount of people that the NNP took out of poverty the government is bragging about the increasing number of persons receiving benefits under the SEED program. Very embarrassing. Mitchell and the NNP should be ashamed of themselves.

Grenada can ill afford another five years of Mitchell and this corrupt NNP.

The country needs a period of conservatism to balance the crazy liberalism of a reckless NNP if there is to be equilibrium. No society can fully develop if there isn’t. The NNP is a force pulling the country in the wrong direction. The NDC and Nazim Burke are assuring balance to stabilise the country and put it back on the right track.

Under Keith and the NNP the various pieces of the puzzle are all disjointed. The failed referendum is a manifestation of the inability of Mitchell to bring Grenada together. He has been given two opportunities by the electorate to do so and in both instances he has failed. He shouldn’t be given a third. Time for the electorate to ‘dump’ Keith Mitchell.

In order to maintain political power the NNP would allow their supporters to do as they very well wish. They have diplomatic immunity and free to do as they wish.

Under NNP the values that once defined us have been so badly eroded.

The NNP has allegedly been able to successfully infiltrate every institution of the state turning them into ‘political pawns’.

The churches, which once played a critical role in advancing the values and morals that once defined us, unfortunately fell victim to the materialistic world. The lust for money has turned priests and pastors into “political pimps”. They have abandoned their congregation for thirty pieces of silver as they seek the kingdom of Satan.

Grenada like the rest of the Caribbean is woefully lacking in strong, disciplined and principled leadership. Despite the presence of arguably enormous amount of intellect and talent in Grenada and the wider Caribbean, decent political leadership remains a burning issue and the islands continue to struggle as a result.

From The Bahamas in the north to Guyana in the south, the political, social and economic situation is the same. None of the islands stand out as an example for the rest.

Grenada since independence has been at the center of attention. From the excesses of Eric Gairy, to the assassination of the most popular leader Maurice Bishop to the present day disaster of Keith Mitchell and the NNP, with the island named by Transparency International as the most corrupt country in the sub region.

As Grenada sinks deeper and deeper into poverty, the Prime Minister continues to fool the unsuspecting masses with his empty rhetoric of economic growth and jobs.

He promised to create 1,000 jobs within the first 100 days. Four years later Grenada has the highest unemployment rate in the world.

This statistic is more than enough reason that the time has come for Mitchell to go.

The NNP in an advertisement for their fourth anniversary celebrations mentioned let the progress continue. The question is what progress are they talking about.

This Keith Mitchell NNP administration has failed to deliver on the many ‘pie in the sky’ promises made prior to the general elections.

The promise of jobs, jobs and more jobs turned out to be taxes, taxes and more taxes.

Are you better off today than you were four years ago? Have you been able to save money, provide three square meals for your family and enjoy a much better standard of living? I am certain the a

Having brought the country on the precipice of economic catastrophe as a result of gross mismanagement of the national economy from1995 to 2008, Mitchell and the NNP must be held accountable for their conduct.

Grenada’s single biggest problem is its national debt that rose to $2.2 billion under the NNP. Lest we forget, the situation in Grenada didn’t happen overnight. It was as a result of the recklessness of one man, Keith Mitchell.

The IMF can’t fix Grenada’s problems, neither can Keith Mitchell and the NNP. A new vision is needed and that is what Nazim Burke and the NDC offers.

Nazim Burke has never had the opportunity to manage the affairs of Grenada. I am certain that if the electorate gives him that mandate in the next general elections he would go a great job.

What needs to be done now is the ‘draining of the NNP swamp’. This should have been done by Tillman Thomas in 2008. It was not done and the stench came back to haunt his administration.

The current impasse between the unions and the Mitchell administration over salaries, also the issue at the Mt Gay Hospital and the St Mary’s RC School are just the beginning of what is to come if the NNP returns to office.

Mitchell would once again take the country into another structural adjustment program. His first action would be public sector reform, with hundreds of workers going on the breadline.

More taxes will be introduced and the country will eventually end up like Zimbabwe. This is the design of Mitchell and the NNP. That is what will be ‘delivered’. More corruption! More unemployment! More poverty.

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