“I in town too long”

I had a real good laugh over the weekend after reading the editorial of my favourite newspaper, NEW TODAY.

I could not believe the headline, “CBI on trial” as the paper commented on the hot topic of the day involving Mr. Roger Ver and his US$1 million that was conned away from him.

There was nothing wrong with the editorial except the headline “CBI on trial”. I was wondering if that was a misprint on the part of THE NEW TODAY.

A more appropriate headline should have been the FIU or Royal Grenada Police Force on trial.

Let me explain before anybody get me wrong. As a recently retired member of the police force, I am confident that the criminal investigation into the allegation of fraud will not get far because of the current situation in the police force.

This allegation has the potential to damage the image of the NNP and its CBI programme which attracted the likes of Robert Martin or Robert Martin Oveson whichever is the correct name of the gentleman.

The DPP is asking the same police force that did a cover up of the case in which a female police officer alleged that a high ranking member of the force raped her at a house in St. John’s a few years ago.

Those of us in the rank and file of the force know who the individual is but he got away scotch free.

Another top cat who was fingered for sexual assault on the same young police girl who ran away from the force was not investigated at all. The same man was even promoted to a higher position under this current NNP government.

Who they think they fooling. As Chalkdust like to say, “I in town too long, they can’t fool me”.
The investigation of the sexual assault on the young police girl was swept under the carpet for obvious reasons because two of the three officers who were named are known to be NNP supporters.

The NDC government of the late Nicholas Brathwaite had sent one of the culprits home on certain allegations but as soon as NNP came in the front door the man was back in the force.

The DPP is a good man but he cannot do the investigation for himself but rely on others within the police force. That is where the problem lies.

Mr. Roger Ver will only get to the bottom of his case in the civil suit that he filed in the high court as the hand of evil might not be able to extend its reach among the judges.

This is an election year and don’t be surprised if we get up one morning and hear the news that Mr. Ver was given back his million dollars.

The NNP cannot afford for this thing to linger on for too long and a way will have to be found to get rid of this problem before too long.

I don’t know where the money will come from but someone will find it to bring an end to the missing money.

Just as there is day light after every night so too I am confident that Mr. Ver is going to get back his money.

Nobody in Grenada can get to Mr. Ver and offer him a bribe to keep his mouth shut so the best thing to do in the circumstances is to find money and give back to the man so he can go away.

One suggestion is to borrow a million from the man with the 19 million in assets to keep the thing under the ground.

EX-Police Officer

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