Get rid of the Chief Termite

As a strong supporter of NNP, I want to suggest to our leader and Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell that it is time to get rid of the NDC termites from the House.

These people are causing confusion within our party as we are about to get ready for the next general election.

It is not by mistake that the ex-army man is making all kinds of statements to hurt the NNP and its chances at the polls.

The ex-army man is not working for the NNP but for the leader of the NDC Termites who came into the House as political refugees after the NDC expelled them for anti-party behaviour.

These people are only trying to fool Dr. Mitchell and make him believe that they love him and the NNP but that is so far from the truth.

A few weeks ago one of their surrogates came to my home and asked me if the Chief Termite could be a good Prime Minister. I told him maybe in time to come but not now.

I didn’t read much into the question but now I am beginning to see the light.

A rumour was started by the NDC Termites that their Chief would be contesting the post of Deputy Political Leader of the NNP in the convention.

Well, this is madness. I don’t know that our Deputy, the Hon. Elvin Nimrod is going anywhere. And just in case, he is stepping down, the only person who could take up the position is our MP in St. Mark’s, the Hon. Clarice Modeste.

I will not be surprised if the move against the Hon. Nimrod in Carriacou was plotted by those NDC Termites.

These political refugees are also spreading rumours in St. Patrick against the Hon. Anthony Boatswain in order to get St. Patrick West for Joe Gilbert. Like they mad or what!!!

The Chief Termite went into St. George South-east and was telling a few of his friends that he was the successor to the Hon. Gregory Bowen.

When he realised that Mr. Bowen was still running, he ran away and started to eye St. George North-east where the Hon. Tobias Clement is the MP.

As an NNP stalwart, I know that the Hon. Clement did meet with the Prime Minister and asked him about the rumour that the Chief Termite was sent into the constituency to replace him for the next election.

Our leader didn’t know anything about that and told the Hon. Clement to just continue to do his work in the constituency.

The Chief Termite moved on and was soon roaming in the Town of St. George and seeking to undermine the Hon. Nicholas Steele.

He has a few fellahs with him in River Road like the football referee and the ex-army man who are trying to promote him for the Town of St. George.

NNP has won the town seat on many occasions without the support of these people and we can do it again. They saying that if the Chief Termite is not the candidate that they will pull out their support for NNP. Tell them for me take their support now and go and leave us alone.

I am not aware of our Prime Minister telling the Hon. Nicholas Steele that he will be moving him from the seat.

As Ann-Marie Aban always say, Nikki is doing a good job in the town despite the limited resources and should be put back to win the seat again for the NNP.

The Chief Termite cannot fool Dr. Mitchell and if he continues to play smart man he might end up just losing the little thing that was given to him on the Executive.

We all know that the Chief Termite has no political guts and that the real man behind him doing most of the plotting is the one living in Tanteen.

The NNP is not a fly-by-night party and will overcome all those who are plotting to put the Chief Terminate in a good position to take over when the Doc decides to call it a day.

The successor to Dr. Mitchell will be another doctor – the Hon. Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen and not the Chief Termite.

NNP Bossman

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