The only final alternative

A proper constitution is needed to advance the governance of the country, and at a time when our country does not know what position it holds in world affairs.

The present state of our political doctrinarian is the belief that we can achieve success from the advancement of the bigger countries of the world.

What we do know is that we have gained political independence in 1974 from Great Britain and up to now many people don’t know what is the true meaning of independence.

The Revolution came in 1979 and that alone had brought great enmity with United States Imperialism. That was the first time when the Grenada constitution was suspended in order to form a new constitution to represent the people of Grenada in a general way.

Based on the international laws of Socialism, Grenada was placed third in the Non-Aligned movement in world affairs.

What is most exciting is that with no constitution in place, at the time, Grenada was able to achieve the most tremendous economic progress in such a short period.

From since then, politicians have had to make a mess of themselves before they begin to pack goods on the shelves.

A number of years had passed and it was Dr. Francis Alexis who used to preach about Constitutional Reform but was rejected by his close colleagues of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) because they did not want to achieve political power in the country.

The time did come when Dr. Keith Mitchell has proved himself to be the most prominent democratic leader to attempt to change the Constitution by bringing to reality Grenada’s first Referendum election.

A new process has been started to declare to the world that we as a people are capable to make our own decisions and manage our own affairs independently.

However, the same NDC which rejected Francis Alexis previously was the same NDC which had protested against Keith Mitchell and forming a new constitution.

Paradoxically, the NDC pretended to support by presenting a number of items for consideration of which the NNP Government had included, some of them in the referendum, but at the same time the NDC campaigned vehemently which was of great benefit for the opposition to gain better representation of election and  boundaries commission, an official leader of the opposition in parliament, and to avoid elections to be called at any time by the current Prime Minister.

This attitude clearly indicates that the opposition is not interested in national development but willing to create confusion at any possible situation.  They have grabbed the opportunity  to gain support from the electorate as the only final alternative.

The Prime Minister has practiced democracy in the true sense of people’s involvement by giving greater privileges to the opposition even though they did not win a single seat in the last general elections.

Discussions about the constitution must continue at various venues throughout the country, so that when NNP  wins the next General Elections, there can be another referendum process when people will become more conscious-minded of the Grenada Constitution.

George Radgman

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