Vote NNP for corruption, unemployment and poverty

It has been four years since the Grenadian electorate voted Keith Mitchell and the NNP back into office; the glitz and glamour of the 2013 election campaign has long passed.

Keith Mitchell and his NNP have failed to deliver on the many promises made to the Grenadian people. The thousands of jobs promised have not materialised and today Grenada has the highest unemployment in the Caribbean. This is a damning indictment on the performance of the Prime Minister and his administration.

If one is to believe the Prime Minister when he says that this is the best Cabinet that he has ever worked with, then somebody is sick in the head. This is the most incompetent and inept administration to have managed Grenada in recent times.

It is also alleged that a number of current ministers have expressed their frustration with the Prime Minster and may not put themselves up as candidates in the upcoming general elections.

Many of them are frustrated because they failed to deliver to their constituents.

Throughout the island very little or nothing has been accomplished. MPs are afraid to go to their constituencies, having abandoned the people.

Even the Prime Minister himself has expressed his dissatisfaction with many of his own ministers, hinting that some of them won’t be on the ticket for the next elections.

There is talk on the ground that the General Secretary of the NNP and Minister of Sport Roland Bhola might not offer himself up for re-election.

Having replaced Emmalin Pierre as Minister of Sport by the Prime Minister, Bhola has failed to make any meaningful impact on youth development. He has scrapped the ‘Hopeless’ program and is just going through the motions.

This government is very weak. Mitchell is old and tired and can’t deliver. He lacks the passion and energy to move the country forward.

He is looking for a scapegoat to blame for his own failures. TAWU and PWU must not give him that opportunity.

Under his watch Grenada has the highest unemployment rate in the world. I can see why so many black countries are struggling and the black race is lagging behind all the other races. Black people tolerate too much backwardness and foolishness from politicians and see them like gods, even as they fail.

This tolerance for foolishness is the reason why Grenada is where it is today.

Cheap political rhetoric and attacks on the Leader of the Opposition and his party have never created a single job in Grenada. Mitchell must understand this.

With youth unemployment over 50% and increasing, Mitchell and Cabinet should stop the blame game and get down to the business of seriously managing the country. No one deserves more blame for the state of affairs in Grenada than Mitchell and the NNP.

Young people throughout the length and breadth of Grenada, many of whom voted for the NNP, are hopeless, desperate, and frustrated. There are no meaningful national programmes to create sustainable employment opportunities for the thousands of unemployed young men and women.

It is extremely unfortunate and sad to see so many of the nation’s young people engaging in the uncontrolled consumption of alcohol, illegal drug use, prostitution and pornography. No one in government seems to be concerned about their plight. MPs are having a ‘turkey time’, with allegations of excessive alcohol consumption and promiscuity.

Nazim Burke and the NDC believe in genuine youth development and growth. The party isn’t concerned about what colour the nation’s youth wear. NDC is all about nation building and in an effort to do so is aware of the need to have a well-trained and youthful labour force.

A hurried bird never builds a good nest and likewise a corrupt leader will never develop a country.

The youths have not helped their cause. Unlike the youths of the 70s and 80s, who were politically conscious and engaged, the youths today are politically disengaged, with their interest only in the material world.

Despite the accessibility of information to assist them in making sensible decisions, they have allowed themselves to be manipulated into voting based on their instincts and emotions.

Education of the young people is an important component of the NDC’s National Development Plan. It is in this context that the NDC worked along with the University of the West Indies to establish a university in Hope St Andrew’s.

The plan was abandoned by the NNP, since an educated individual is not in their best interest.

What the young people should realise is that, while NNP impede the development of their education, they continue to support foreign crooks and criminals, selling out their heritage and enriching themselves.

Grenada’s youths need some more common sense and to be much more informed and interested in their own personal growth and development.

There is a serious need for youth advocacy.

Kem Jones must be commended for the role that he is playing as a young man in advocating for youth empowerment. His radio program is definitely making a difference, hence the reason efforts are being made to silence him.

Kem Jones, however, is a fearless individual and efforts to intimidate him by the leader and supporters of the NNP will be futile. He has the support of thousands of Grenadians. Keith Mitchell is of the past. Kem Jones is the future. Grenada’s youth should realise that an attack on Kem Jones is an attack on their future. They should rally behind Kem Jones as he strives to bring betterment to them.

The young people should see Kem Jones as the vehicle upon which they can gain power and influence as they chart the way forward. Roland Bhola and the NNP are not the solution; they are the problem.

Grenada’s youths have progressively become more and more desperate and hopeless under Mitchell and the NNP. They have been given a false sense of empowerment and used as political tools. Education is their only hope. NDC is the party of education; Franka Alexis-Bernadine is the woman.

Franka Alexis-Bernadine, the former Minister of Education has a genuine passion for education and so she must be given the opportunity to serve again. She has proven that she has what it takes to move education forward.

The NNP destroyed everything. Students at St. Mary’s Primary School know that.

Keith Mitchell and the NNP are all about “economic dependency”. Nazim Burke and the NDC strongly support and stand for economic independence, social mobility and political non-partisanship.

Grenadian Class

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