Continued Registration

The scheme, strategies and devices of Satan are on the move again as compulsory registration by law will be enacted to make registration for national health insurance compulsory for all.

This is also an election year and the expired politicians vying for power in this country are calling on all unregistered persons to get register. They are expired because they are all practicing sinners. We need practicing holy and righteous men now to take Grenada across the finishing line of mankind era.

They are not divinely inspired to know that it is the Mark of the Beast they are asking the people to receive when they ask them to get registered. They are expired because they don’t understand the time and know what to do.

Compulsory registration by law is the last nail in Grenada’s coffin by our policy maker’s and agents of the devil. He continues to use the tools of the Beast, the web as the Worldwide Web and the net as internet, computers etc. to capture mankind into the Mark of the Beast system.

Interesting to note that the web and the net are two places where beasts are caught and live. However, in technology today they are terms referring to the infrastructure, mode and platform where information is stored and disseminated electronically.

This new system is bringing about the end of the use of paper for writing and storing information. It’s the digital and electronic age that has arrived. Mankind is in a mad rush to get and store all information about himself and other things by this new medium. They say for security reasons to crack down on crime, terrorism and the underworld.

This system and technology by itself is a good thing. However, there is a problem. It’s not with the system but a divine one. Almighty God maker of us all said in his Holy Word, The Bible by interpretation when this electronic age arrives it will introduce the last new and deadly sin of mankind, the Mark of the Beast.

The prophecy in the Bible speaks of it in this fashion, Revelations chapter 13, verse 16-18 and I will shorten. He causeth all to receive a mark in their right hand and forehead and they cannot buy or sell except they have that mark.

This is what we are witnessing today, as earth’s government rush to have all of their citizens registered from as young as two months old into this electronic data base. They are pushing laws to make this compulsory. Therefore if you don’t get registered you could be persecuted and jailed.

Where is democracy? Instead we are having “demomcrasy” because this is madness. One is no longer a free moral being, free to choose, but instead bondage, and property of the state like cattle, marked and branded.

That’s just what the Mark of the Beast is all about, you either receive the mark or I.D or be beheaded. Is this why beheadings all of a sudden returned? God’s word is so true, God cannot lie. Registration has to do with you being fingerprinted and a passport size picture of your face taken.

The last time I checked my forehead is part of my face. Is not this the fulfillment of the prophecy in Revelations chapter 13 word for word? One has to be blind not to see that.

All the other end times’ prophecies are being fulfilled at the same time today. This registration must be the mark of the Beast and the end of man’s era. So if the opposition senator and the government minister along with the government and opposition want to play blind, which they are, they will all end up in the ditch call the Lake of Fire.

No matter who they say asked them to upgrade the electoral system, the OAS etc. or how much benefits the I.D. card or Mark of the Beast will have for you, that doesn’t make it right according to God.

Who would you serve God or man? I beg you to serve God, as there is repentance and hope with him in this crucial hour. As for me it’s against my religion, that being Christian to take the I.D., being registered in that form. I hope my religious rights and freedom will be protected as laid out in our constitution, and provisions be made in law for me to survive on our Father God earth without jail and persecution.

I hope the so-called international human rights bodies and U.N hear my cry for my human rights to be protected, seeing to it that this is done. This is a new justice cry for the world community. Just as the Mark of the beast is the new and final sin of mankind.

Stop selling your soul Grenada, stop selling your soul. I rather to obey God than man.

Derick Sealey

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