The spread of the corruption virus!!!

In the last two decades or so, this nation of ours has been able to hold its own on the world’s stage in sports, academia, and, on platforms like the Chelsea Flower show, outperform the rest of the world.

Gold medals have been ours, a tiny nation of approximately one hundred & ten thousand people.

It seems that we continue to attain those heights even in our civil lives, with information recently transforming what has been long-standing rumours into a present day fact with the revelation of our rating on the corruption index

Time after time the grapevine has been pregnant with allegations of corruption viruses affecting those in the corridors of power in this nation, especially during the period 1995-2008 – be it the offshore bank scandal, the briefcase saga, or the Capital Bank fiasco, the same names always crop up as leaders in these nefarious exercises.

I noted with interest the Prime Minister expressing his disbelief that corruption practices were as bad in this nation as we were made out to be, noting that there were some levels within the Civil Service.

The question must be asked now, “at what level of the service is this practiced? Is it at the Administrative level or among the rank and file junior staff?” And the public needs to know what remedial action(s) are employed to reduce the levels.

I got the impression that maybe the levels are negligible, so we shouldn’t worry too much with what the given data suggested.

The grapevine is whispering that a certain individual now resident at the Richmond Hill prisons hinted that he was waiting for the government to change for him to spill “the real beans.”

What he has to spill is anyone’s guess, but this nation has been plagued by so many bad character accommodation in the recent past that any sane person would realise that criminals and corruption walk together.

What has become of the Mt Hartman investment? We are waiting with bated breath to see how allegations against the Levera investor would play out.

A top government official made it clear that Camerhogne Park sale is on hold for the time being, but he is not ruling out a sale in the near future. It is alleged that an investor made a non-refundable deposit.

So, yes, we have struck gold again, being the top most corrupt island among the Windward Island grouping; but instead of waving a rag and raising a flag, we have to hang our heads in despair, because it’s an accolade we can do without!

Oscar Plaudit

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