Poor and exposed!!!

Friends, countrymen, Grenadians, men of my own country greetings.

As your countryman, I write once again, but before I get on to my topic, I will quote from an old saying, “when we are poor you are exposed” having noticed the challenges we are faced with in this dear land of ours.

Today it is incumbent upon me to write about one of our utility companies the one which supplies water.

Since the introduction of the metering system, this utility company began to take advantage on its consumers and nothing has been said about it. I will go on to say why I used the word advantage.

Now NAWASA receives from its consumers eight dollars ($8) which it calls basic charge. This basic charge is added by the consumer, this should not happen, the consumer should only pay for the water consumed for the period.

The only time one should pay the basic charge is in a case where the home is unoccupied, no water is used then only then, the basic charge should be in effect.

For a number of years this is happening and no one says anything about it. The company went on to increase the cost per gallon of water consumed and went further to increase the basic charge from eight dollars ($8) to ten dollars and eighty cents ($10.80). Is this reasonable?

Did anyone hear the person under whose ministry this company falls under say anything about this?  Isn’t it the duty of this individual to ensure that the price of water should not be out of the reach of the poor?

The company always boasts itself of being a customer-focused company.

When the water supply has to be interrupted will it announce that the supply of water will be taken because of repairs to its water mains in the areas so please store water in clean covered containers?

This advise to consumers is good, but when the water is turned on it comes in the Pipe very dirty and resembles that which runs in the ravine when we have heavy rainfall.

This water comes in the consumer’s pipe and they have to let it run off because it cannot be used and yet it has to be paid for as it is running on the meter.

There should be some way of getting that dirty thing from the mains before it reaches the consumer as the upper class, middle class and the poor have to pay the same basic.

Now let us look at the wages of the poor especially the debushers who only work now and then.

I remember that a promise was made to put back the ten dollars on their pay – this did not happen.

Sometime ago I heard that the government intends to pay an increase to public workers, this is very good and I am happy for them.

However, I will be much happier together with the debushers if the Government gives them an increase of pay and also a back pay, starting from Feb 19th 2013 for every fortnight worked from that date to this present at the sum of $100.00 (one hundred dollars) each fortnight worked.

The authority should move quickly to make the necessary arrangements to have the payment made to them so they can purchase what they need.

In closing, those in office should by now understand that the two days work thing for a vote cannot work at this time.

The people are getting wiser every day as lies were told to them back then but they are seeing better now.

I hear that 3 fortnights were given to those who went on the recent walk with them on those Sundays to ask the people what they think about their representative.

These people believe in taking a bold stand against the poor and not on behalf of the poor.  This is why we say when you are poor you are exposed.

The Peasant

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