Dr Tax – the man without vision!!!

The topic of political vision has become NNP’S latest propaganda tool.

In a recent advert by the NNP on GBN and other media houses, the NNP claimed that the NDC has no vision, but this NNP bunch of misfits should be the last to call anyone else visionless since they are being led by a leader who lack political vision.

This leader now has nothing left to promise and is forcing the NNP now to try to make such claim in the first case.

Dr. Keith Mitchell who I would like to call Dr. Tax has been in Parliament for over 25 years now, has represented his constituency for over 32 years now, has been the leader of the NNP for over 25 years now, has been Prime Minister for over 17 years now, has been Minister of Finance for over 8 years now, has been the second longest serving leader in the Caribbean, second only to Dr Denzil Douglas of St Kitts and Nevis.

I dare to say that after achieving all this, if Dr Tax has any shred of vision as a leader Grenada would not have been in a Structural Adjustment Programme today.

If Dr. Tax had so much vision ten why Grenada is now burdened with so much fatal debt burdens to the tune of 2.8 billion in repayments, Grenada would not have had the highest unemployment in the region and not the highest youth unemployment in the world.

If Dr. Tax had so much vision, Grenada would not have been ranked, as among the most corrupt countries in the region, Grenada’s Doing Business index would not be dropping now, Grenada would not be experiencing such high cost of living and poverty at 40%.

If Dr. Tax had so much vision, the bulk of the NNP supporters would not still be living in abject poverty in the rural communities as they are now after 17 years of NNP.

I would say if there was one individual who had a golden opportunity to transform this nation as a leader, it was Dr Keith Mitchell who is now known as Dr. Tax given the last four years of his stewardship of the country.

The late Maurice Bishop did much more positive things in the short period of 4 ½ years.

The NNP and Dr Tax have failed this country miserably over the years and is in no position to even mention the word vision.

Here are some of the main reasons why the NNP as a party and Government have failed us Grenadians and lacks vision and foresight to govern this country.

The NNP is directly responsible for the financial mess this country is experiencing at this time.

The NNP would like to have us focus only on the period 2013 to now so they can play Robin Hood and claim they rescued Grenada, but rescued us from who? And from what? This is the question we must ask the NNP.

Truth be told, four years of NDC could never account for such financial ruin and still provide all those funding for almost 95% of all the projects completed or started by NNP since 2013, nor could four years undo the damage done to our economy by the reckless risk taking, wanton borrowing and spending on non- returnable investments, the misguided policy decisions, the waste and misuse of public resources or the corruption, vindictiveness and victimisation of the total 17 years of NNP including these past 4 years.

If the NNP and Dr Tax had a shred of vision as a party and government, Grenada would have been at the top of the chart in terms of economic advancement in the region.

NNP has failed Grenada as a party, government and as leaders with Dr. Tax at the helm.

NNP in the first 13 years from 1995 to 2008 has been very reckless in the management of the people’s business and caused this nation hundreds of millions in debts through the ill-advised policy of borrowing at high commercial bank rates.

NNP and Dr. Tax should not forget the following:-

*Grenada Postal Corporation and Emerging Technologies

*Call Center and the NNP government guaranteed loan and investment

*E.J Miller and the Hog Island Loan guarantee

*The first Levera hotel project loan guarantee

*The St Mark’s poultry farm project

*River Antoine organic banana project loan guarantee

*The MNIB project on the Lagoon road

*The Garden group’s hotel project

*The first $159 national stadium at Queen’s Park before Hurricane Ivan

*The Ports Authority investment into the Malls in St George’s

Dr Tax, please do not forget that hundreds of millions are now being paid back on these projects for which we as Grenadians got no value for money much less earned revenue from any of them.

Given all of the above, can anyone still call Dr. Tax a man with vision?

The Hammer

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