Keithism has to come to an end!!!

A transparent and unbiased analysis of Grenada will reveal that the country is in a state of hopelessness. And given that we are a resilient and warm people, we suppress the frustrations formed as a result of this hopelessness.

The people I speak of are the people who I have labeled as Grenada’s ‘rejectables’ – those who are not affiliated with the NNP or any other political party and those who are politically involved with the NDC.

These people are sidelined for job opportunities by the government and even the private sector as they are weeded out of the social safety nets and they are rejected for scholarships, roadwork, among others.

In 2008 when the NDC won the general elections, many were pleased and ecstatic. Grenada got a chance to breathe again after being stifled by what appeared to be the dictatorship style ruling of Dr. Keith Mitchell.

However, the country did not enjoy this new refreshed atmosphere for long as the apparent neglect by the NDC coupled with some of its members own egotistical demeanors were the main contributing factors for Congress losing the 2013 general election.

Politics does change people but people should change the nature of politics when they are given the chance to do so.  The NDC failed to be the change they championed to be for the people. Some MPs were constantly missing in action and so they were oblivious to the needs of the people and their respective constituencies.

There was an obvious disconnect with the MPs and the constituents. A vivid example is the St. Patrick’s West constituency whose MP at the time turned out to be one of the rebels who helped destroy the brand and network of the NDC.

He was considered a ‘big stone’ in the area because of his lethargic attitude. There is nothing positive to highlight from this useless MP’s tenure. He did nothing!

The NDC now stands once again as the alternative to the ruthless NNP.
From all indications the party stands united to erase Keithism from Grenada’s political landscape. This is no easy task as some Grenadians thinking abilities have been eroded with serious symptoms of Keithism and from their standpoint, the PM could do no wrong.

As human beings we are all fallible but for some peculiar reason NNPites think members of the NNP hierarchy are perfect. Their attitude regarding the recent development exposed by THE NEW TODAY newspaper relating to Grenada’s Citizen by Investment Program confirms this.

Hats off to THE NEW TODAY for its diligent investigation, which threw shade on the CBI program, it was necessary! Some NNP watchmen pointed out that there are other important issues worthy of investigation, which they believe the newspaper, should have focused on.

Those watchmen are out of line because they are so used to dictating to other media outlets what, when and how things should be reported that they expect people to roll over when they speak.

I commend THE NEW TODAY for its stand to report the wrongs of the NNP. On the said CBI program, with a pugnacious attitude in one of the ‘candy-like’ NNP press conferences, Mr. Steele noted that due diligence was done on the government’s part and that there are no grounds to reject that investor.

Mr. Steele seems to be willing to welcome investors providing that they are financially sound regardless of how they may have accumulated their wealth. If this is a fact, it is grave and disturbing.

Whenever a discovery like the last have surfaced, the NNP refuses to give any form of explanation to the public. They engulf themselves in an unconcerned manner and rather than apologise for their hiccups they chastise the sources for bringing the stories to the public domain.

The NNP is under the impression that it does not have to account for anything it does in this country. The PM and his followers appear to have authoritative characters and would scold anyone who criticize them or contradict their ideas.

Let me remind them that this is not Russia or China – this is a democratic country and we have the right to demand answers from the leaders elected in office. If only the media will do their job and ask the tough questions to this government, change will be realised.

I blame the NDC for where we are and the state of hopelessness we are forced to endure under this Keithism governed country. The blame does not mean they are responsible for the PM and his government’s terrible actions and choices but the blame is because the NDC was given a chance to help Grenada heal from wounds created by the NNP and as a government the NDC failed.

NNP is here now not because it deserves to be and not because it is better than the NDC but because the NDC handed the victory over. The NNP is notorious for using rigorous, manipulative and propaganda strategies to win elections.

I am calling on the NDC to cease with its religious and subtle campaign strategies. Fight back, champion the causes that matter, defend the fake adverts when they come out and be equally rigorous in its campaign. If the NDC wants to win the populace, it has to be forthcoming with compelling and honest messages addressing the bread and butter issues affecting the majority of Grenadians.

I for one, do not want to hear the wrong doings of the PM and his gang because I know them. I am keen to know the NDC’s plans to fix the wrongs in our country. Tell me how high unemployment will be curbed and how the health care sector will be improved.

I want to know how the CBI program will be altered and what plans are there to develop the nation’s youth, educational system, infrastructure, tourism and agriculture. Those are the issues that are of paramount importance to me and if I can be a bit bold here, those are the issues that should matter to all Grenadians.

Keithism has to come to an end, Grenadians have suffered enough, and I am confident that the NDC can be the cure.

The Graduate

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