Jehovah’s Witnesses and Blood!

I heard the woman saying to two Jehovah’s Witness (JWs) ladies who were preaching in her area, “You all go your way because if I want blood to live, you all won’t give me!”

The Witness ladies were willing to explain their stand on blood and why but the woman was not willing to converse. Personally, I believe that if an accusation is made against someone, that person should be given the opportunity to defend himself/herself.

Acts 28:22 reveals that it is wise to find out from the source itself, why they do or not do something, as I have done. The main reason why JWs do not accept or give blood for surgery is that they believe the Bible condemns such at Acts 15:20, 28, 29 and Acts 21:25, along with some other Scriptures.

Since these Scriptures say to abstain or keep themselves from blood, JWs do not take blood into their bodies at all, neither by eating, drinking, or transfusion. Now that’s their belief, which we should all respect even if we may disagree.

We should not criticise JWs for their stand. None of us want anyone to disrespect his/her own beliefs. Let’s be fair. Therefore, it is false when people say that JWs hate their family members, friends, or themselves because they do not donate or accept blood for surgical purposes.

If JWs hated their sick family members, would they have taken them to the hospitals in the first place, seeking medical help for them? I certainly don’t think so! JWs are willing to accept medical treatment that does not contain blood.

At their website,, anyone can view the video entitled, “No Blood-Medicine Meets the Challenge!” This video reveals medical treatment and surgical procedures that JWs accept that do not contain or involve the use of blood.

JWs respect other people’s right to use blood in surgery if they so desire. They do not force their views on others. So too, they are glad when others are fair-minded and are willing to respect their rights to choose not to use blood according to how they understand the aforementioned Scriptures.

Let us respect each other’s rights and refrain from being critical. Matthew 7:12.

Simeon James

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