Is Sen. Cox in the mix of things?

One must admit in the analysis of our current political discourse that there are going to be more questions than answers. This can never be more relevant now as we are in imminent election year or so we think.

Different constituents and Parliamentary Representatives are always going to be assessed, analysed and public scores are going to be applied accordingly.

The constituency of Carriacou and Petite Martinique and its Parliamentary Representative Hon. Elvin Nimrod is one such person that is under heavy scrutiny as it relates to his performance and connection with the people in his constituency, especially the youths.

Over the past two years Senator Cox has served his constituency admirable in the Parliament and in the community as the Parliamentary Secretary. He has spent his entire life in Carriacou and has a family there.

If one were to look back on his past experience and work; one would see that he has always excelled. He worked in the Division of Agriculture for a number of years and has transformed the sector with training for farmers, implementation of projects and revived the 4-H clubs in all the schools, including the annual 4-H kite flying competition, as I understand.

As recent as 2012 he assumed the management of the Princess Royal Hospital as Hospital Administrator; and as I understand the Hospital was at its lowest ever in terms of service, equipment and respect by the public.

Within two short years Sen. Cox made a complete turnaround of the hospital performance and health care services overall in Carriacou and Petite Martinique. It was at the hospital I first encounter this simple, somewhat quiet and competent gentleman. He dealt with my problem with such professionalism and character that I have never experienced in a long time visiting Carriacou.

After our encounter, I said to my wife that this is a person of substance; these are the kind of people Carriacou needs in leadership.

It was after this encounter I chose to make some inquiries into the Senator’s background to find out more. And much more positive things I found out. He is seen as a very humble person and is very committed to the development of Carriacou to the fact that a number of the major projects being implemented were written by him and he wouldn’t even mention it to anyone in the public.

I learnt that he was responsible for writing and spearheading the implementation of the multimillion dollar project that saw the land restoration in Petite Martinique some years ago and most recently the two desalination plants that were commissioned in Carriacou & Petite Martinique, that project was also written by him and implemented by the ministry and other partners.

I am truly impressed by these accomplishments; not just that but by the humility that is displayed by this gentle lad daily. I can say much more about what I have discovered in terms of his accomplishment in the last two years, but I will leave that for another time.

But getting back to the issue at hand; where is Sen. Cox in all this?

I have noticed that a great concerted effort is made by a certain individual or individuals to promote and push other persons as a likely replacement for Hon. Elvin Nimrod or to lead Carriacou affairs, but not one mention of Sen. Cox.It begs to question – why is that so?

Is it that Sen. Cox is not performing or the people of Carriacou don’t see him as a likely replacement?

Is it that there is a plot by persons to give the public the impression that Sen. Cox is not there? Is it a plot to stifle the excellent work that he is doing for the people of Carriacou and Petite Martinique? These are just some of the very questions one should ask themselves.

All of the other persons that are being promoted by that particular writer are all Carriacouans (Kayaks) and do deserve an honest chance to represent Carriacou like Sen. Cox. So the question is – why is that writer not even mentioning Sen. Cox’s good works or name?

Is it that he has something personal against him? Is it that he may stand to benefit from the others, but not with Sen. Cox at the helm?

My friends one thing is certain, with all these questions, Sen. Cox has had an excellent record then and now and will always work hard for Carriacou.

If Sen. Cox is doing such a bad job, how come the writer is not saying it? Because we know how much he loves doing that to persons he doesn’t support or like. Just something we should look carefully at and think about.

This is just my perspective.

A True Kayak

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