Gone but never forgotten

The Saint George’s Cemetery at Cemetery Hill particularly the middle section is badly in need of regular clean up.

The grass is left for too long to reach up to one’s knee and waist most of the time.

When one visits that section of the cemetery, it ends up being a battle with scratching and itching.  It is very painful and a disappointment for people who want to visit graves of loved ones for whatever reason.

Some people do that on birthdays, anniversary or on Mother’s and Father’s day or just to lay flowers in memory of their loved ones.

The sad thing is that they cannot get into the cemetery because it is too bushy and if and when they do get in most times it is with great difficulty.

This week I witnessed a gentleman in his mid sixties trying to get to a grave, he fell and cut his hand on a piece of glass.  Can you imagine that when falling down, he could not even see the glass?

The place is a mess and an eye sore and some thing has to be done on a regular basis to keep the graves looking clean ad decent.

The government could use the debushing program, when the workers are out to help take care of the cemetery.

The place can also be sprayed a couple weeks after the clean up to keep the grass down for a long period.

When the debushing program is not in operation the prisoners can be used, at least every month to help keep the grass low around the graves.

After all the prisoners do eat free food from the sweat of taxpayers, they get free medical and shelter.

In closing let me say that in which ever way the Government chooses to handle the situation, the cemetery has to be taken care of on a regular basis.

Meaningful Observer

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