Dark clouds hovering around

As a true member of the NNP, I am beginning for the first time to get worried about our chances in the next general election.

The problem for me is not Nazim Burke and the NDC but the way in which my party is handling things.

A lot of our supporters might not vote because of how they have been treated by some of the MPs in a few of the constituencies.

Take for instance St. David’s, the MP, Mr. Joseph has a lot of work to do to catch up with Persuader because of neglect.

This man might be thinking that visiting one or two rum shops in the place will bring him the votes in the election. I want to tell him is joke he making.

Our people know that some NNPites are unhappy and might give the NDC candidate a personal vote in the election.

We are hearing about secret meetings in some parts of St. David’s between a lot of our people and NDC activists.

The one they call Bosco is helping to undermine NNP in St. David’s.

Bosco has been with us over the years but is now openly appearing on the platform with Persuader to help bring down our party.

PM, do not underestimate the influence of Bosco in Apres Toute. He can influence some of our supporters to cross the floor and support the NDC candidate.

The man might have done not too good things in the past but he used to give NNP supporters work in the village.

My uncle told me that he engaged Bosco in conversation a few weeks ago and was shocked to hear some of the things coming out f the man’s mouth.

The man is on a mission to bring NNP down. I don’t know what Persuader and them offered him but Bosco is planning to appear on all NDC platforms throughout the country.

That seems to be the case because I heard that he was on Nazim Burke’s platform to support him against Tobias.

PM, I hear that the former MP in the south is planning to appear on NDC platform in the election to support their candidate, the trade union man.

The former MP has gripes against the Prime Minister and is boasting that he will tell everything on the platform.

Doc, the man is telling people on the beach that you fired him without a hearing and that he only heard about it when it came over the news on a radio station.

He is saying that at least Alexandra could have written a letter of resignation from government but you fired him behind his back.

And this Alexandra should not be trusted as I am getting goose bumps that she is waiting to create confusion when the party decides to look for a replacement candidate.

She and her bourgeois friends are upset and might be planning something against NNP. Doc, do not trust them when they come and smile in your face.

The other thing that is causing a lot of unhappiness among our supporters is those NDC people that came to seek political asylum in our party and government.

Too many of our people are not happy with the prominent positions given to the likes of Peter David, Chester Humphrey, Pastor Simon, Joe Gilbert and them.

Imagine the amount of people in the party and one of the NDC rejects is boasting that he was representing PM Mitchell at the opening of the airport in St. Vincent.

Our NNP party has enough stalwarts who the Prime Minister could have send to represent him.

Peter, Chess and Joe Gilbert have not managed to bring with them into NNP a lot of NDC supporters. Perhaps only a handful of their friends and supporters came along with them.

Nazim Burke has managed to hold onto the supporters that were left behind by Uncle Tilly who is a good man although I don’t support his party.

NNP’ites, we have a lot of work to win this election. We cannot afford to allow a 2003 situation to arise because this time we might lose power.

There is a dark cloud hovering around this country and for NNP at this point in time.

The NDC is sensing victory because of the results of the referendum.

The party is planning to concentrate on 13 of the 15 seats based on the voting pattern in the Referendum.

Nazim and them believe that the NNP will not be able to carry the youth vote in numbers and once they can attract a few then their candidates are in with a good chance in the 13 constituencies outside of St. Mark’s and St. George North-west.

And Doc, the NDC is getting money from some kind of a source when I looked at the colourful and glossy booklet they circulated a few months ago with their Policy Agenda.

True NNPite

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